EDITORIAL: You’re putting others’ lives, health at risk — stop being selfish

Kansas State students have to spend more time thinking about the implications of their actions during this public health crisis. Going to parties, bars or other gatherings can harm more people than you might realize.

REVIEW: Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ tells emotional tales, connects listeners

Singer, songwriter and pop sensation Taylor Swift continues to reinvent herself by venturing into the indie genre with her surprise eighth studio album.

OPINION: New Title IX rules give K-State more excuses to do nothing for student...

Title IX is an amendment that prohibits sex discrimination in educational institutions. On Aug. 14, a revision was added to the amendment that is bad for survivors.

EDITORIAL: University must provide clear guidance, transparency for the safety of all

K-State needs not only to take responsibility for its actions, but to show up for its students and provide them with transparency, ample information and well-thought-out plans.

OPINION: Returning to campus brings new challenges, an opportunity to be resilient

Despite the uncertain ground we're treading on, there are a few ways we can get through it.

OPINION: What you need to stay safe, healthy in your apartment

At a time when a majority of your time is spent at home, being properly prepared is essential.

OPINION: Local students should follow international students’ lead to prevent the spread of COVID-19

The upcoming semester brings challenges, but local students can learn from their international peers and wear masks to class.

Helpful hints: Campus hangout spots good for social distancing

How K-State students can still enjoy their campus, safely.

Myers: Together we can meet this challenge

"Throughout this pandemic, we've paid close attention to what the medical experts and our epidemiologists tell us, including many of our own excellent scientists at K-State. What they tell us right now is that trends are in the wrong direction," President Richard Myers writes.

EDITORIAL: Reopening campus is a mistake students, faculty will pay for

Students are going to pay for the premature reopening of campus with their money and their lives.

Helpful hints: How to remain connected with others while socially distanced

If you still want to stay connected to friends while still social distancing, try these in-person or virtual activities.

LETTER: State’s distinguished professors call for cancellation of SEVP student ban

Distinguished professors from across the state detail why the oppose the Student and Exchange Visitor Program student ban and urge congressional representatives from Kansas take action.

OPINION: ICE ruling piles more stress on an already difficult situation for international students

Over the past few weeks, international students have been extremely stressed due to the ongoing pandemic coupled with harsh new immigration regulations.

EDITORIAL: This crisis is far from over — stop acting like it is

In fact, this careless disregard for science and other peoples' lives has likely only exasperated a problem local health officials and the community have done a pretty good job of keeping at bay.

OPINION: How should K-State Athletics handle its football season?

The middle of March presented sports fans across the country with the worst news imaginable — sports seasons cancelled indefinitely.

CrowdSourced: Your favorite memories of Hale Library

Hale Library is on its road to recovery after smoke and water damage from a fire kept it closed for several months. We asked, you answered. Here are some of your favorite memories from our beloved Hale.

OPINION: Discipline and strength required to vanquish pandemic foe

It is our individual discipline that has gotten us to where we are today. If we lose self-regulation, we risk going backward and winding up in a more restrictive situation. Just what we don't want.

OPINION: Work of home, residential nations helped support international students during COVID-19 pandemic

International students were caught in the middle of the pandemic. Here's how countries came together to help them.

OPINION: The rush to reopen — about time or too soon?

"Under the current set of circumstances, the only smart and safe thing to do right now is to stay home."