For the Win: April 15

by Parker Wilhelm

OPINION: Wear masks when it makes sense, not when it doesn’t

The K-State Rec Center mandated that masks be worn at all times, including during cardio workouts and on the running track.

Edboard: What is your favorite summer memory?

What is your favorite summer memory?"Going to the movies with my dad and sister." - Karen Ingram, opinion editor"Watching my sister walk down the...

Gift-giving guide for women: helpful tips to finding the perfect present

The holidays hit like a tornado and there's always the challenge of picking out the perfect gift for those near and dear. A monumental...

OPINION: Visit Office of Institutional Equity, Student Ombudsperson for assistance against discrimination

The Office of Institutional Equity, as well as the student ombudsperson, are resources that K-State students can reach out to for support in the incident of harassment, discrimination or violence from a K-State staff member.

Couples should seek compatability, not race

    I've seen her reaction when she sees the couple.    The twitch of her neck shows just how offended she is. The roll of...

Problems in African countries should not be ignored

The United States is at war against terrorism, and many countries are at war with the threat of an economic collapse. However, there is...

Power and Light, bachelor party events lead to interesting night

"What happened to your face?" Grant asked me matter-of-factly."I got slapped … twice."Twelve of us had stayed the night in the Power and Light...

OPINION: Supporting local art creates community, stability

Supporting the local arts is beneficial to all.

Opposition to EMAW dishonest, corrupt

Of 541 respondents to a poll on Sept. 19, 93 percent said that K-State should keep EMAW. Fourteen people said that the school...

Can money buy happiness?

Which weighs more in your mind?

Holiday requires responsibility

K-State Students, With this weekend being Fake Patty's Day, I want to encourage you to use common sense, be respectful and understand your rights and...

‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy supresses our troops

On Jan. 29, 1993, a law was introduced under the Clinton administration that shifted barriers in the United States military. Popularly referred to as...

OPINION: Gifts to give your parents this holiday season

The holiday season is fast approaching, so here are some gift ideas for your parents.

Yoga good exercise, easy for beginners

I get distracted easily during a workout. Cardio is especially painful for my attention span. I start out strong, but usually start looking around after spending five minutes...

Opinion: Social media is valid source of news

Social media is faster and more personal than traditional news outlets

Fans and creators owe one another respect, not obligation

Year in and year out, fans of video games, comic books, novels and other creative works are in a constant state of complaint. Many...

International students enlighten on Fridays

Why have international student guest writers each Friday on the Opinion Page? I've worked for the K-State Collegian for a little over a year, and...

Social media’s dark side: students need to exercise more caution

Arguello encourages students to be exercise more discipline and professionalism when using social media.

Democrats manipulate system, create dependence

The economic disaster of the decade: a coincidence or planned? While President Obama has paraded around the country babbling about how the entire mess...