Pros, cons of marriage while still in college

To the point is an editorial selected and debated by the editorial board and written after a majority opinion is formed. This is the...

Society too obsessed with appearances, youthfulness

This country is truly obsessed when it comes to appearance. When this obsession started is a hard one to pinpoint, but I believe it...

Affirmative action is fair, necessary to make up for opportunities lost to minorities

I think we can all agree that people deserve a chance to succeed. Regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin or any other...

OPINION: The problem with commercializing Easter

Easter is more important than people treat it.

New Kansas law bans minors from tanning

The new Kansas law regulating indoor tanning takes important conversations away from children and their parents

OPINION: Three reasons why group projects are worse in college

Group projects are notoriously hated by high school students, so why do college classes make them even worse?

The Semi-Daily Kaylie: I didn’t wear makeup for 48 hours

In Kaylie McLaughlin's new column, she describes her experience with giving up makeup for 48 hours.

The MHK Dictionary: Your guide to K-State’s local vocabulary

Ever wondered who Johnny Kaw is, or what it means to major in "Gee-Whiz?" Look no further than the MHK Dictionary.

No Context Required: Sept. 2018

Ever wondered what your fellow students are talking about when they think no one's listening? We've got the answers in our new series, No Context Required.

OPINION: ‘Party culture’ is harmful, universities must do more to help

Universities aren't doing enough to stop students from binge drinking. What can be done to stop this?

OPINION: Finding body positivity with six short questions

As summer approaches, remember to ask these questions any time you doubt yourself.

In My Own Words: Surviving attempts at character assassination

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, remember first to breathe, ignore such people and focus on your life's positives. Reach out to your friends and family who are always there to support you, because they know who you truly are!

OP-ED: I’m a conservative. Here’s why I’m not voting for Kobach

The president of Young Americans for Liberty weighs in on the Kansas gubernatorial election and lends his opinion on Kris Kobach.

Atheism based on evidence, offers spiritual fulfillment

What do you first think when you hear about atheism? Is it good or bad? Are atheists spiritual? Well, first of all, atheism is...

Consumers responsible for societal acceptance of sweatshops

Corporations have consistently chosen profits over people for more than a century, since decades before the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in 1911. Fires, disease...

OPINION: Zoos are an animal’s nightmare

Animals should not be held in captivity because of the physical and emotional impact it places on them.

OPINION: Store brands vs. name brands

You might be surprised to learn that the difference between the two is most often flashy packaging, not quality or even manufacturer.

OPINION: Witch-hunting does nothing to stop racism on campus

In the aftermath of controversy over a racist Snapchat joke, it's more obvious than ever that witch-hunting doesn't teach any lessons.

OPINION: Five vices to get you through finals week

Got finals? Here are five things that are bad for your body and good for your spirit to help you through them.