Readers need multiple news sources

No excuse for readers to remain ignorant in the information age

OPINION: Technology becoming substitute for life

Younger generations need to find a balance between when to connect online and in person.

OPINION: McDonald’s does not deserve its awful reputation

Low-paying jobs and questionable ingredients have painted McDonald's in a bad light, but is it really that much worse than other fast food chains?

OPINION: The “alt-right” movement is built on lies, misinformation

OPINION: The "alt-right" propaganda posted around the K-State campus is spreading lies and hatred. Let's break it down.

OPINION: A journalist’s perspective on what makes good journalism

A student journalist discusses the problems facing good journalists.

OPINION: Medieval defensive capabilities of K-State’s mightiest castles

In case of a medieval emergency, it's good to know which K-State buildings make for good castles.

OPINION: How to cook in college without embarrassing yourself

Cooking in college doesn't have to be scary. Here's how you can start to improve without causing any culinary disasters.

OPINION: Four places to find unique art on campus

Ever wondered what "The Fork" is really supposed to be, or what other kinds of sculptures K-State has to offer? Look no further than these four spots.

OPINION: Finding body positivity with six short questions

As summer approaches, remember to ask these questions any time you doubt yourself.

OPINION: Defacing chalk messages prevents dialogue

Free speech means protecting even the words with which we disagree.

EDITORIAL: You’re putting others’ lives, health at risk — stop being selfish

Kansas State students have to spend more time thinking about the implications of their actions during this public health crisis. Going to parties, bars or other gatherings can harm more people than you might realize.

OPINION: KSUnite zoom bombing is a loud wake up call

While the K-State administration works out how to penalize the disruptors, there are many things all of us can do.

Guest Editorial: Permitting guns on campus is unsafe, disruptive to learning

Professor speaks out against changing gun policy on campus.

Academic tenure outdated, puts students’ education at risk

Academic tenure is putting students at a disadvantage. While the benefits of tenure for professors are very real, the damages to the university and...

Logan’s Run: June 19

by Aaron Logan

Sports column: Patterson firing a mistake for K-State, is on Currie’s shoulders

Rivera argues why John Currie shouldn't have let the winningest women's basketball coach in program history go

Opinion: Cultural norms of gender colors harmful to children, their identities

Dewell argues how cultural standards of blue for boys and pink for girls not only force identity on children at a young age, but also promote issues which can carry on through later phases of life.

OPINION: Stress: college students’ invisible injury

[Stress is a constant in the life of a college student, and this becomes even more true as we head back to school.]

The dilemma of illegal immigration

America faces a Catch-22: land of opportunity or American security?

OPINION: Gift giving is what really matters

Examining the sentimentality between store-bought and homemade gifts and discussing how money each costs should not be the deciding factor.