OPINION: What sports have taught us in the last nine months

With the school year coming to a close, here's what we've learned during the unforgettable COVID-19 sports season.

OPINION: Debra Bolton should become the next CDIO

Bolton would take a bullet for the students at K-State, and anyone who knows her would do the same.

OPINION: Marginalized students should acquire leadership roles across campus

While K-State prides itself on being an inclusive and equitable university, the safety of marginalized students isn't ensured. It's important that marginalized students make their presence known and represented across campus.

OPINION: Some stadium re-openings are jumping the gun, but just by a little

On Monday, the MLB's Texas Rangers opened up Globe Life Field at full capacity with 38,238 fans in attendance — a feat that's jumping the gun amid the ongoing pandemic.

In My Own Words: Surviving attempts at character assassination

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, remember first to breathe, ignore such people and focus on your life's positives. Reach out to your friends and family who are always there to support you, because they know who you truly are!

OPINION: K-State needs to increase support to CARE office

A lot of progress is needed to expand the CARE office's reach across our campus.

In My Own Words: My experience with COVID-19 as an international student

I wanted to share my experience publicly because being an international student during a pandemic has been extremely stressful and difficult.

Spring weather brings more outdoor adventure opportunities in, around Manhattan

Longer days of sunshine create more possibilities for outside activities, and Manhattan offers many adventures.

OPINION: Dr. Seuss controversy brings to light importance of diversity in children’s literature

It would be easy to accept the stories I grew up reading as the gospel truth of goodness, but we were not made for comfort; we were made for greatness. And many times that means making decisions that aren’t so easy, including becoming aware of our own ignorance.

K-State Proud continues campaigning virtually

The medium may have changed, but the mission is the same.

OPINION: Still need a book for class? Check the library.

Hale may have burned and there is a pandemic, but the library still gets books to students and does so safely.

OPINION: Romantic comedies provide great laughs, feel-good atmosphere

There’s nothing better than getting cozy on the couch, lighting some candles and watching a feel-good movie.

OPINION: I want to break up this Valentine’s Day

I’d like to think love still can’t be bought, and that being single doesn’t mean you’re alone.

OPINION: Kansas has a lot to offer, isn’t as bad as some people think

I came into adulthood wanting to get out of Kansas. I still would like to see the world and possibly live somewhere else someday, but I now appreciate Kansas and I'm not embarrassed to say so.

OPINION: Rejection of a spring mental wellness day was the wrong call

Faculty senate rejected a proposal by Student Governing Association that advocated for spring mental wellness days which leaves some students with a 16 week break free semester

OPINION: Some men like to wear dresses, and it really is that simple

Harry Styles sparked controversy when he made the bold decision to wear a couture gown on the cover of Vogue

OPINION: No-Christmas-carol November

The weather is cooling off and one long holiday break is approaching. You might be itching to turn on those holiday tracks, but I'm not.

OPINION: KSU Administration needs to be better at fighting campus racism

An inadequate amount of attention was paid to the "Zoombombing" of KSUnite. Students still need consequences.