More availability solution to videogame piracy, not digital rights management

When it comes to video game piracy, I have to admit I would have my picture in the dictionary next to n00b. I thought...

Slightly Spooky Halloween Horoscopes for the week of Oct. 26

Madam LoCoco looks into your spooky, spooky future with Halloween-themed sarcastic horoscopes for the week of Oct. 26.

Eliminate cars on campus for safety, timeliness

When you drive through campus right after classes have let out, you sit there wasting gas on idle listening to sweet tunes, lamenting the...

Relationship between weight loss, media are two-fold for women

Jakki argues how women in the media are scrutinized if they are "too big," "too thin" or anywhere in between

Food waste method tested at dining center, needs student involvement

Wasting food: it's an awful act we are all guilty of. Didn't like the dining hall's PB and J sandwich today? Chances are, if...

OPINION: College serves as a great place to explore new identities

[Don't be afraid to explore multiple identities and groups as you experience different aspects of the college experience.]

OPINION: Students need to use the resources available to prepare for life post-graduation

Students have, but often don't use, the resources available to make sure their resumes help with getting a job.

Worth not decided by sexuality

We at the Collegian are happy a fellow K-State student would stand up against reparative and conversion therapy by allowing us to tell his...

For the Win

American consumers are to blame for economic, social problems

As anyone who has studied the annals of history knows, good values can often be pushed to perversity when overemphasized or unquestioned.Order and the...

Logan’s Run: July 24

by Aaron Logan

Letter to the Editor

Editor,I read with some interest the article about a vote in Student Senate in favor of a resolution expressing "reservations about the haste with...

New officers welcome students’ ideas

Dear Wildcats,Hello K-State students! What a busy spring it has turned out to be. Annie and I would like to thank all of you...

HIV/AIDS carry stigma but should not be ignored

HIV/AIDS is a scary thing. So scary that the majority of people choose to ignore it instead of face it and find a way...

Opinion: Current economy penalizes the poor and young

Income inequality the real reason our generation feels poor

Letter: October fire alarm a haply disturbance

Gavin Colton, graduate student in English, shares a prose piece about experiencing a fire alarm in the K-State Student Union

OPINION: Why soccer is the sport of the world

Billions of fans watch the FIFA World Cup every four years. If you don't, you're missing out.

Obama’s calmness important during economic strife

"He's a guy I'd like to drink a beer with."I heard that on a local sports radio talk show driving back to Manhattan on...

A message from head football coach Bill Snyder

Bill Snyder, head football coach, addresses the student body in this letter to the editor.

OPINION: 5 warning signs of a toxic friendship

It's important to recognize when a friendship isn't healthy. Here's how to go about it.