Dorm life helpful for freshmen only; upperclassmen should transition out

Looking at K-State’s housing system from an outside perspective, it seems living in the dorms freshman year is almost a requirement. More than 83 percent of...

Plight of children overshadows everyday concerns

Every once in awhile you read a story that is so gripping you can't get it off of your mind for days. The other...

Flooding hits Manhattan and K-State

Evening storms passed over Manhattan Thursday night, knocking out power to thousands of residents.

State commissions would cut years innocents found guilty serve

Last week, a man in North Carolina was released after a panel of judges ruled he had been wrongfully convicted of murdering a prostitute.Gregory...

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media

Mike Stanton writes on basic etiquette for the online age.

Technology might decrease drivers’ caution, alertness

Driving down a dirt road at night, eyelids feeling heavy, head nodding forward, you close your eyes for just a second and fall asleep...

Sanders and Cruz debate over the ACA was really socialism vs. capitalism

The best moment of the debate was when Sens. Cruz and Sanders both agreed that private insurance companies should not be making obscene profits off sick people. “I don’t think the federal government ought to be passing a law that doubles the profits of insurance companies,” Sen. Cruz said.

OPINION: No candidate earned my first-ever vote

This is my first time voting in the presidential election and none of the candidates have earned the privilege of receiving my first vote.

EDITORIAL: KSUnite has noble goals, but we hope to see more

If we’ve decided KSUnite needs to be an annual event even when we aren’t in the midst of crisis and controversy, we have to make it worthwhile.

Counting Ugg points fun way to pass time

Who doesn't love the Ugg game? It's great entertainment for walking through campus or while you're in class.The Ugg game is great to play...

Industrialized Agriculture feeds the masses

"Each Kansas Farmer feeds 128 people + you," say the billboards posted around the state. The Physiocrats of the 18th century actually believed that...

Letter from the editor: Send us your club news

Are you in a student organization? Send us your news about events and achievements.

OPINION: Shut the door on old opinions, open your mind

[With the start of school comes the opportunity to open your mind and try opportunities that may change your life forever.]

Murdoch’s block on Google not good for business

This week, media mogul Rupert Murdoch — the man behind Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and numerous other media outlets – announced he...