OPINION: What to know about voting by mail

With so many different deadlines, requirements and not to mention the actual candidates themselves, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the entire process.

OPINION: Gen Z should lead the fight against rising trend of global nationalism

While nationalism may sound attractive, if the 20th century taught us anything, it was that nationalism and fascism go hand-in-hand and are overall destructive for the world.

OPINION: TikTok ban is complex, people should consider personal action

As TikTok proves difficult to regulate, it may be a good idea to take individual action against it to prevent handing over too much information to the Chinese.

Q&A: Tel Wittmer on obstacles, opportunities that come with being student body president

Collegian opinions editor Anna Schmidt talks with Tel Wittmer, student body president and senior in secondary education, about being a student leader during a pandemic in the first episode of Collegian Kultivate this fall..

OPINION: SCOTUS lifetime appointments have outlived their purpose

A presidential election is pivotal enough without an unspecified number of Supreme Court nominations in play as well.

OPINION: Laptop buying can be overwhelming, here are some tips

With Zoom conferences and Canvas discussion posts in full swing, access to a laptop is more important than ever.

OPINION: It’s time for us to meet in the middle without COVID-19 attitudes

With the country more divided than ever, it's time we approach COVID-19 and each other with more compassion and understanding

OPINION: The way out of the COVID-19 pandemic is through globalization

Globalization is not to blame for the spread of COVID-19, rather it is our hope for getting out of it.

REVIEW: On The (S)podcast is a comedic podcast of its own genre

On The Spot Improv's podcast is a virtual continuation of the group's comedic presence on campus.

OPINION: We’re falling into a season of fun new trends

With the seasons changing, many trends are likely to present themselves in full force this fall.

OPINION: Tips for first year college students on establishing new connections, keeping old ones

Freshmen year brings challenges of homesickness, making new friends and creating an independent identity. Here are a few tips on making new friends and keeping the old ones, if you wish to.

OPINION: Stop romanticizing sad music

Because of an uptick in sad music, playlists are dangerously full of sorrow and angst. Constant sadness is bad for your health and people should consider whether their music choices are harmful to their well-being.

EDITORIAL: You’re putting others’ lives, health at risk — stop being selfish

Kansas State students have to spend more time thinking about the implications of their actions during this public health crisis. Going to parties, bars or other gatherings can harm more people than you might realize.

REVIEW: Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ tells emotional tales, connects listeners

Singer, songwriter and pop sensation Taylor Swift continues to reinvent herself by venturing into the indie genre with her surprise eighth studio album.

OPINION: New Title IX rules give K-State more excuses to do nothing for student...

Title IX is an amendment that prohibits sex discrimination in educational institutions. On Aug. 14, a revision was added to the amendment that is bad for survivors.

EDITORIAL: University must provide clear guidance, transparency for the safety of all

K-State needs not only to take responsibility for its actions, but to show up for its students and provide them with transparency, ample information and well-thought-out plans.

OPINION: Returning to campus brings new challenges, an opportunity to be resilient

Despite the uncertain ground we're treading on, there are a few ways we can get through it.

Letter from the editor: Collegian acts as watchdog, mirror and forum for K-State community

Going forward, the Collegian remains dedicated to covering K-State and the Manhattan community fairly, accurately and competently. During this trying time, local news coverage matters.

Letter from the editor: Saying hello, but also farewell

I'd like to tell you for sure that this semester will work out as we have planned, but I cannot. I wish I had the answers, but no one does. These are trying times for everyone and college students are not immune.

OPINION: What you need to stay safe, healthy in your apartment

At a time when a majority of your time is spent at home, being properly prepared is essential.