Media bias must be clear to avoid skewed views of U.S. Big Business

America can only flourish again if its citizens accurately understand mass media bias and the underlying abuses of power that threaten our economy, environment...

Finding hope in the K-State family: A suicide prevention success story

The story of one K-State student and how she now considers herself a suicide prevention success story thanks to the support of the K-State family.

Letter from K-State President Kirk Schulz

From K-State President Kirk Schulz

Fake Patty’s Day weekend arrest and citation reports

Here are all the arrest and citations as reported by RCPD for the weekend of Fake Patty's Day 2018.

Letter to the editor: KSUnite is an overreaction to racist incidents

Benjamin Ristow, a member of the College Republicans at K-State, says the KSUnite rally was an overreaction by the university.

Snyder shares words of wisdom for finals week

Bill Snyder wishes students well on exams

Varney’s announces plans to close

The Manhattan mainstay says it will be closing its doors for good at the end of the month.

Guest Column: Why does the Black Student Union exist?

Black Student Union President Muenfua Lewis speaks to why the union matters.

Konza Prairie trail cams collect data on visitors’ rule-breaking behavior

The Konza Prairie director said the trail will close within the next few weeks unless his trail cams prove that visitors begin respecting the rules.

EDITORIAL: Reopening campus is a mistake students, faculty will pay for

Students are going to pay for the premature reopening of campus with their money and their lives.

Mixing alcohol with Tylenol dangerous, possibly deadly

Last Thursday, I went to the hospital for a checkup. As expected, the doctor said I would probably live forever. I don’t want to...

K-State community remembers engineering dean after his death over the weekend

Several people shared their memories of Larry Satzler after his death on Saturday.

Slightly sarcastic horoscopes

Your friendly Collegian medium shares your fortune forecast for this week.

Unchecked population growth strains resources, is major international issue

It's easy to forget that there are nearly 7 billion people living on our planet. Our own lives demand so much attention that...

Affirmative action prevents access to equal opportunities, treatment; should be abolished

Affirmative action is an affront to our American values. Opportunity, hard work and ambition are under siege when affirmative action is allowed. The policy...

Labor Day flooding, as seen through social media

See videos and photos Manhattan residents took of the Labor Day flooding in Manhattan.

Intramural sports unite students

To the point is an editorial selected and debated by the editorial board and written after a majority opinion is formed. This is the...

Police investigate body found in Manhattan Town Center parking lot

RCPD is investigating an unattended death at the Manhattan mall.

Bullying affects people all over country, taking a stand is only option

Chances are high that by this time in our lives, we have either been bullies, victims of bullying, or bystanders to bullying. How widespread...

OPINION: The multicultural student center a step backward, not forward

Student Bayley Clark weighs in on the effects of a multicultural student center.