Manhattan Mercury site can help residents find justice in rental system

Editor,    Thank you for your coverage in Tuesday's Collegian of the issues surrounding inspections of rental properties in Manhattan.    As your story pointed out,...

The Goldilocks complex: Obamacare is nowehere near “just right”

Meyers argues that people who self-identify as pro-choice should be consistent in their advocacy.

For the Win – March 4

by Parker Wilhelm

Hitler art causes controversy

The statue “HIM” by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan depicts Adolf Hitler, former leader of the Nazi party, kneeling and praying in what used...

LETTER: Student Governing Association members believe spring mental wellness day will be critical to...

Members of SGA urge faculty to allow for a spring mental wellness day after it was announced there will be no spring break.

REVIEW: KSBN common read uncommonly offensive

A student's review of this year's KSBN common read, Mark Haddon's 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.'

What would be your ideal spring break?

What would be your ideal spring break? I'm going on a cruise to the Bahamas, and anything with a beach will always be my ideal...

Letter to Editor

Andy Rao's opinion article on Burwell v. Hobby Lobby deserved to be included in a head-to-head series. Andy argues, "This ruling is a blatant...

Letter to the Editor: ‘Awaken Manhattan’ needs to wake up

After reading the address to Mayor Snead and Manhattan City Commissioners regarding the recent anti-discrimination laws, I felt it was necessary to bring it...

Opinion: Free Speech Zone is Not So Free

Valdez argues how K-State's free speech policy infringes on students' First Amendments rights.

OPINION: What we can learn from the #IowaCaucusDisaster

Sorry Iowa, it’s time for caucuses to bite the dust.

Slightly sarcastic spring break horoscopes

Look into your future from March 11-20.

TRAVEL: The joy of camping, cycling in Hampshire, England

Cycling 35 miles this weekend through the Hampshire countryside and the Isle of Wight was very worth it.

‘Aphrodisiac’ foods beneficial to sexual health, not miracle stimulators

Recently, while mindlessly surfing the Internet, I came across an article titled, “Choc-o-pedia: The Ultimate Compendium of Gooey Facts,” published on April 8 by...

Manhattan should bring more artists into the Wareham

We, as the Collegian editorial staff, are very excited to see live music being performed in the Wareham Opera House once again.For too long...

Letter to the editor: The KSUnite rally won’t help in the long term

Evan Steckler, the event coordinator for the College Republicans at Kansas State, shares his doubts about the effects of the KSUnite rally.

Open, honest talk encourages safety, enjoyment of sex

The taboo nature of sex in our society is one of those things that confuses me immensely. Sex is everywhere. If you have access...

Tuscon shooting, media-hyped tragedies distract from the truth that people are essentially good

On Jan. 8, Jared Lee Loughner, a 22-year-old college student, unleashed a storm of bullets on innocent public officials and bystanders at a local...

Sushi restaurant offers atmosphere, fresh ingredients

Sushi is hard to come by in Manhattan. The best you can get is in the K-State Student Union at Panda Express, but that...

OPINION: Top 8 electives for the lazy college student

K-State 8 got you feeling down? These classes are for you.