Blame should not be put on victims

Should you bring in your patio furniture each night? Should you bring your car into the living room at the end of each day?...

Band offers upbeat music, deeper lyrics

Every music project starts somewhere, whether in infrequent band practices, dreams of future fame or a grassroots campaign at shows and on the Internet....

Basketball team gives students, fans great ride this season

Last week may have marked the end of the Wildcats' run at a national title, but for me it was just a sad note...

LETTER: McCain renovations prioritize donors over students, and that’s not right

Joshua Arnoldy, senior in applied music, speaks out against the planned McCain Auditorium renovations due to the poor state of student facilities.

New HD network good choice for K-State

Overall, K-StateHD.TV just seems to make sense. What K-State has created here is a way to give K-State fans easy access to games they...

Police keep community safe during county’s fluctuating crime rates

Night walks are welcome, but lock your doors.

Opinion: Having cystic fibrosis is like going through college on ‘challenge’ mode

Students with chronic illnesses must be able to find a balance between their school work and their health

OPINION: The many benefits to drinking coffee

Coffee should be in students' daily routines

Lactation rooms necessary for all mothers on campus

Dear Editors:I was cheered to read Beth Mendenhall's piece about the need for lactation rooms to support student mothers. She is absolutely right, and...

Multi-skill ability important for job-searching college students

When I first started applying to colleges, my parents told me to pick a major based on two things: what would make me the...

Attendance grades not true reflections of learning

There you sit. You are exhausted, yet satisfied. Finals week has come and gone. It feels like the past seven days have been one...

Letter to the editor: K-State basketball is a dumpster fire

Dumpster fire or simply a train wreck, how best to describe the continuing collapse of K-State basketball?

EDITORIAL: You’re putting others’ lives, health at risk — stop being selfish

Kansas State students have to spend more time thinking about the implications of their actions during this public health crisis. Going to parties, bars or other gatherings can harm more people than you might realize.

Letter to the editor: The KSUnite rally won’t help in the long term

Evan Steckler, the event coordinator for the College Republicans at Kansas State, shares his doubts about the effects of the KSUnite rally.

Stereotypes form around marijuana use

The criminalization of marijuana is rooted in racism, propaganda and the Drug Enforcement Agency's manipulation of both to further the white man's agenda. The...

A lobbying success story of milk: Unnatural, unhealthy, unwise

Humans are the only animals on the planet that drink another animal's milk. Thus, by definition, drinking cows' milk is extremely unnatural.Despite thousands of...

REVIEW: On The (S)podcast is a comedic podcast of its own genre

On The Spot Improv's podcast is a virtual continuation of the group's comedic presence on campus.

Gift-giving guide for men: hints that assist in finding a great holiday goodie

When the holidays roll around at the end of another year, men find themselves in a fairly common problem: what gift they should get...

Discussing sex in public is trashy; students should find new topics

Sex is everywhere. TV, movies and music make it a part of our everyday lives, but that doesn't mean it should be. I'm not...

To the point: Consumers should consider company ethics when making purchase decisions

To the point is an editorial selected and debated by the editorial board and written after a majority opinion is formed. This is the...