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Green Bandana Project: Students supporting students

The Green Bandana Project aims to help students find mental health resources if they are in mental distress.

Love & Football (Fútbol): The story of Nebraska’s Adrian Martinez and K-State’s Marisa Weichel

Even while playing Division I level athletics at two different schools, Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez and K-State forward Marisa Weichel have found a way to keep their love going strong.

REVIEW: “The Crucible” is missing large plot points

Alycea Hammond shares her frustrations with the classic, "The Crucible."

Banned Book Highlight: “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson

"Speak" is a relevant banned book about surviving sexual assault.

‘How low can you go?’: The history of the ‘Cha Cha Slide’

Whether you "slide to the left" or "slide to the right," chances are you've heard the "Cha Cha Slide."

Kansas State University Gardens prepare for springtime events

The Kansas State University Gardens are readied for thousands of blooming tulips and events for Manhattan.

Pre-workout supplement tests positive for methamphetamine-like substances

Pre-workout supplement tests positive for methamphetamine-like substances.

Royal roots: K-State and its color

From kings and castles to K-State, discover the history of the university's only official color.

Call Hall Dairy Bar — more than just ice cream

Call Hall Dairy Bar is conveniently located on campus for students and staff looking for a quick, hearty meal.

‘Bic For Her’ hilariously bad marketing strategy

There are many products and services on the market that are designed and advertised to target either male or female consumers, even if the...

Getting Up Early To Study Vs. Staying Up Late To Study

Differences in research and student opinion show it to be up to the individual whether early rising or late-night study sessions are more advantageous.

App review: WordReference’s lingo, language technology

App helps students in language courses.

A brief, vulgar history of the ‘KU chant’

The "F*** KU" chant is more controversial than ever, but the past, present and future of sporting chants at K-State is something more students should know about.

Banned Book Highlight: Literature lifts the veil in Orwell’s “1984”

"1984" by George Orwell is commonly challenged by communist leaders due to its criticism of omnipresent governments.

Future and past collide: ‘65’

After crash-landing on a prehistoric Earth, a man must protect the only other survivor and make it home.

Where Are They Now: ‘The Bachelor’ star Sean Lowe

Former K-State football player and "The Bachelor" star Sean Lowe talks social media and K-State memories.

‘Outer Banks’: Outlandish and unrealistic

The newest season of “Outer Banks”,released Feb. 23, left some viewers unimpressed

REVIEW: ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ an average movie, but enjoyable for all

The second installment of the "Wreck-It Ralph" series has been done before, but still is fun to watch.

Emotional support animals: What are cats and dogs doing in the dorms?

Having an emotional support animal can be "life-changing" for some students.

Australian comedian Randy Feltface tackles faith, existentialism in comedy special ‘The Book of Randicus’

In his new special, Randy asks hard-hitting questions about religion, human evolution and the 2016 Australian Census.