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The five most underrated study spaces in Manhattan.

The fine line between high standards and unhealthy expectations

Meet Me in Manhattan is a recurring column where Bella shares the ins and outs of navigating college life in MHK.

Super blue moon lights the night sky

Kansas State professor explains the super blue moon that lit the sky on Aug. 30.

ArtsMHK Meetup: ‘Community, education, and resources for artists as entrepreneurs’

The second ArtsMHK Meetup on Aug. 30 aimed to empower artists in business and create community.

Is chivalry dead or are we the generation of commitment issues?

Meet Me in Manhattan is a recurring column where Bella shares the ins and outs of navigating college life in MHK.

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Stadium survival guide: Six tips for braving The Bill

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International Block Party coming Friday, Aug. 25

The International Block Party is a perfect opportunity to meet new people and try different cuisines.

Students and professors discuss the implications of AI in the classroom

Kansas State students and professors are worried how AI will affect critical thinking in the classroom and jobs post-graduation

“Flowers and Freedom”: Gallery by Pablo Diaz Carballo in need of a rebrand

Pablo Diaz Carballo’s floral artwork is on display at the Manhattan Arts Center

Rockin’ Summer: The Arts in the Park summer concert series

Arts in the Park teams up with The Press for a summer of diverse entertainment in City Park.
Poet Laureate of Kansas

Kansas State’s Traci Brimhall chosen as the Poet Laureate of Kansas

Traci Brimhall, professor of English at Kansas State and the Poet Laureate of Kansas, will travel the state as an arts ambassador to present readings and discuss poetry.

Local poster competition to award $1000 and support Community Arts Fund

The Greater Manhattan Community Foundation is looking for the next winner of the Commemorative Poster Contest, a poster design competition with a prize of $1,000. 

Featured Artist: ‘Impala’ by Cole Bertelsen

This featured artwork, "Impala," is done by Cole Bertelsen, sophomore in journalism and mass communications.

Featured Artist: Ceramics by Wittney Hammeke

Wittney Hammeke, junior in secondary education, showcases her ceramic set.

Featured Artist: ‘How easy it is to forget the world’ by Alex Rewerts

This featured piece, “How easy it is to forget the world,” is written by Alex Rewerts, sophomore in English and mass comm.