Local poster competition to award $1000 and support Community Arts Fund

The Greater Manhattan Community Foundation is looking for the next winner of the Commemorative Poster Contest, a poster design competition with a prize of $1,000. 

Featured Artist: ‘Impala’ by Cole Bertelsen

This featured artwork, "Impala," is done by Cole Bertelsen, sophomore in journalism and mass communications.

Featured Artist: Ceramics by Wittney Hammeke

Wittney Hammeke, junior in secondary education, showcases her ceramic set.

Featured Artist: ‘How easy it is to forget the world’ by Alex Rewerts

This featured piece, “How easy it is to forget the world,” is written by Alex Rewerts, sophomore in English and mass comm.

Featured Artist: Sunset photo by Megan Chrisco

This featured piece is photographed by Megan Chrisco, senior in criminology and psychology.

Featured Artist: ‘Melting Days,’ ‘Reflections,’ ‘Green Haze’ by Katie Horner

Katie Horner, senior with a BFA in ceramics and BS in psychology, showcases her ceramic pieces “Melting Days,” "Reflections," and "Green Haze."

Featured Artist: ‘visual’ by Kira Bishop

This featured piece, “visual,” is written by Kira Bishop, senior in English.

Featured Artist: ‘The Final Coming’ by Graham Mathews

One of this week's featured piece, "The Final Coming," is written by Graham Mathews, senior in computer science.

REVIEW: ‘Voices: Women Artists in the Era of Second Wave Feminism’

A new exhibition at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art showcases the work of artists struggling for equality during the second wave of feminism.

Wildcat Warm-up replaced with Get K-State Ready program

The Get K-State Ready program brings first semester preparation online and gives students flexibility.