Students use ‘smart drugs’ to focus, study long into the night

Dead week and finals loom over college students who have procrastinated writing 10-page research papers, finishing group projects and studying for comprehensive exams. With countless...

Rapper Devin The Dude releases smoke-filled album

In the most appropriate of release dates, pot-loving rapper Devin The Dude released "Suite 420" yesterday. The album is the sixth from the Houston-based...

Common Table builds community one meal at a time

Common Table provides meals and opportunities for Manhattan's community.

Airplane conversations, destination confusion lead to adventure

"Good morning, ladies and sirs," the pilot came on over the speaker. "I'm happy to have you with us today, but unfortunately we're going...

Collegian Media Group launches housing website to help students, Manhattan locals find off-campus rentals

Collegian Media Group launched an official off-campus housing website available for use in January. While primarily focused on Kansas State students, the service is available to any potential renter in the Manhattan Area.

Juvenile murderers subject of ethical debates throughout history

Murder is a serious crime, but the question of whether or not a criminal is responsible for his/her crimes can sometimes be difficult to...

‘Assassin’s Creed II’ outplays its predecessor

After waiting two years, I finally figured out why the walls of Desmond Miles' cell were covered with secret codes written in blood."Assassin's Creed...

Engineering student’s self-published sci-fi novel enjoyable

Despite the stereotype, English majors are not the only people interested in publishing books. Joseph Hunninghake, sophomore in mechanical engineering, broke this stereotype when...

Two K-State students fall in love after just a few years

Harriet Reymond and Aaron Dubach bring a new meaning to young love.

Wii U launch less successful than expected due to lack of stock, glitches

The Nintendo Wii U launched on Nov. 18, bearing the burden of transcending the gaming industry into the realm of next-generation consoles. Its launch,...

‘Noah’ delivers a stark visual appeal, overdramatizes some characters

"Noah," directed and co-written by Darren Aronofsky, offers a unique look at timeless story.

‘Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet’: Unpolished, but still worth the play

The latest open-world Pokémon games deliver desired gameplay experience but contain graphics and performance-related issues.

Time-management, master to-do list keys to avoid spring break procrastination

Staying on top of school work assists in less anxiety, procrastination and delay in completion of work by the time spring break is done

Halo branches into episodic gaming with Spartan Ops

"Halo 4" launched in November to critical acclaim. Since it was the first game in the "Halo" series developed by 343 Industries, there are...

Pack your things

    Because of the increasing numbers of students wanting to live in the residence halls, more than 200 students were placed in overflow space...

Fundraising dinner, silent auction draws big names

Coach Frank Martin took command of the room. "Most Catbackers events are about getting people to know me and my family, but this event is...

Sororities, fraternities forced to get creative as recruitment moves online

As Greek recruitment shifts to accommodate COVID-19 regulations, organizations are finding new ways to connect with potential new members.

REVIEW: Indie rock band Big Thief snatches hearts with new album

"Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You" is Big Thief's newest masterpiece.

Fort Riley teacher inspires students inside, outside classroom

Gifted facilitator at Fort Riley Middle School fosters micro-community within her class while also inspiring her students.

University guest house hostess dies

    A K-State hostess who opened her home to famous guests and friends of the university died Tuesday at the age of 105.    Helen...