$5 not-so-footlong leads to speculation of false advertising

Do you ever find yourself craving a sandwich? Not an ordinary sandwich,...

The perfect date, men versus women

Can the romantic dates from movie screens be recreated in real life? It seems hard to believe on a college student's budget. Fortunately, the...

Behind the Mask: K-State’s resident superhero finds his super suit during pandemic

Lane Porter, better known on campus as "the kid who dresses up as Frozone," dusted off his super suit early this semester to spread some joy amid the pandemic.

Parade, pep rally draw participants, fans

The beginning of the end of the All-University Homecoming events came in the form of the K-State Homecoming parade and pep rally Friday. At the...

Manga Review: Ao no Exorcist Volume 1

"Ao no Exorcist" is an ongoing action-oriented manga series (or shonen manga) created by Kazue Kato that began its serial run in 2009. I picked...

Third annual Harmony in the ‘Hatt event promotes nonviolence

Harmony in the 'Hatt showcased local talents on Saturday in the Bluemont Hotel.

Plant pathology professors finding ways to make plants more efficient

Kansas State's professors in the Department of Plant Pathology are making advancements that could have an impact on plants' efficiency, new research shows.

Sororities, fraternities forced to get creative as recruitment moves online

As Greek recruitment shifts to accommodate COVID-19 regulations, organizations are finding new ways to connect with potential new members.

Rolling Stones’ Richards shares journey through book

4.5 out of 5 stars Written by the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, "Life" is a memoir that candidly portrays the reality of a...

Throat cancer most common in males over 50

Throat cancer is most common in males over the age of 50, and one of its most prominent leading causes is HPV.

Advanced fitness: step counters, wearable devices

[Wearable fitness devices: what are their effects?]

Pop culture politics

MCCAIN FACEBOOK PROFILE INFOGender: MaleBirthday: August 29, 1936Political Views: ConservativeReligious Views: North Phoenix Baptist ChurchInterests: Sports, Hiking, Fishing, Boxing, Basketball, Football, Baseball, HistoryFavorite Movies:...

Hale renovations showcase K-State community’s strength

After 16 months of preparation, planning and hard work — and much anticipation from the Wildcat family — the first floor of Hale has reopened, and the Kansas State student body has a lot to say about it.

Hospitality management students host pop-up restaurants during spring semester

Seniors on the food and beverage track of hospitality management have the opportunity to plan and operate a restaurant for one day, with new themes every Monday of the spring semester.

Former president of Nintendo passes away leaving legacy

Unless one was really up on tech news, you might not recognize the name Hiroshi Yamauchi on first reference. But most would instantly recognize...

Baby wallaby to be seen on walkabouts at local zoo soon

Sunset Zoo is welcoming a new addition to the Austrailia Walkabout Trail family. Nestled alongside the emu exhibit and Australian Aviary, the wallaby family...

From the East Coast to the Little Apple: Dance instructor shares passion at K-State

Kate Digby, assistant professor of dance, has quite a story to share regarding her journey to becoming a K-State dance instructor.

Weekend accidents leave 4 local men in hospitals

Three Fort Riley soldiers were hospitalized after being involved in an accident Friday, according to a Riley County Police Department report.Bradley Russell was driving...

West Nile virus plagues nation

The U.S. is bracing itself against one of the worst outbreaks of the West Nile virus ever recorded. According to the Centers for Disease...