SHAPE: A club all about sex

Let’s talk about sex.It’s not always that easy or comfortable, is it? For members of the K-State organization S.H.A.P.E., it’s just a daily part...

Miss Kansas marches to beat of her own drum

Taylor Clark, member of the Kansas State Marching Band, was crowned as 2021's Miss Kansas. Through years of pageants, she takes the year off of school to travel in her role, gaining positive experiences along the way.

3 myths and misconceptions about water debunked

Trying to get healthy isn't easy considering there is a lot to learn and a lot of strange and conflicting information out there about...

Student Senate passes 12 allocations

Student senators met Thursday night to vote on 2 resolutions, 2 amendments to student government titles, and 13 allocations to student organizations.The first resolution,...

Stress relief found in various forms, including music, food

As the semester picks up, so has the level of homework assignments, tests and social obligations - and stress is often a coinciding result....

United Way counts homeless in Manhattan, statewide

    The United Way of Riley County and the Manhattan Emergency Shelter provided more information about homelessness in Kansas by participating in the statewide...

First two African-American graduates leave impact today

Reflect on the university's diverse history.

Brazilian art duo beautifies downtown Manhattan with ‘vibrant’ new mural

Local art group Incite MHK commissioned Brazilian artists to craft unique $40,000 mural facing AJ's NY Pizzeria.

Pseudo-memoir uses historical figure to tackle modern-day issues

Same-sex marriage, gender roles, homosexuality and transsexuality have been hot topics in the news for several years, now, but they are generally regarded as...

K-State track and field star speaks about her No. 1 ranking

Dani Winters ranked first in Big 12 conference and sixth overall in the NCAA Division I for track and field

Local experts judge children’s books in mock competition

    Local experts in children's literature got a taste of the Caldecott judging process Saturday at the Manhattan Public Library.    The American Library Association...

Behind the Mask: How a campus squirrel interrupted this freshman’s first day at K-State

On her first day of in-person classes, Krista Else, freshman in nutrition and health, made more friends than she expected.

Puzzle Pack Answers

Here are the Puzzle Pack answers for Nov. 30

Dungeons and Dragons brings gaming community together in Manhattan

The Village Geek holds Dungeon and Dragons events every other weekend.

Sharon Thielen creates lasting impact on College of Agriculture

College of Agriculture professor who once said she didn't want to go to college, now leaves K-State having touched faculty and students alike.

Take a walk “On the Wildside” in Aggieville

On the Wildside, a local gift store in Aggieville, is run by and for open-minded shoppers.

‘The Graveyard Book’ is the perfect read for spooky season

Follow the story of Nobody Owens, a boy raised by ghosts, as he traverses the world between the living and the dead in Neil Gaiman’s "The Graveyard Book."