Writing letters and sending packages to soldiers helps boost their morale

The once common phrase "Don't forget to write" is slowly slipping from mainstream vocabulary. With the ease of email, text and video calling, "snail...

Manhattan Hill

Editor's Note: This is the second installment of the 8 Wonders of Manhattan running in the Collegian over the summer. A new wonder will...

Manhattan boasts many must-see free, cheap attractions

One of the best things about attending K-State is the city of Manhattan itself. Manhattan has a wide variety of places to visit that...

Life of a house boy is a balancing act

Chapter dinner at a sorority would not be the same without them

K-State to adopt new policy in response to active shooters

According to a study released by the FBI last September, active shooter incidents in the United States are on the rise.

Sorority house moms serve as both mentors, house directors

Three Kansas State sorority house directors play multiple roles throughout the day, from talking to maintenance people to creating long-lasting relationships with members.

Be Able Community Center gives struggling Manhattan residents a place to rebuild

The community center, founded by Scott Voos, works to form relationships and spread empathy within the community.

‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ addresses racism, other serious topics

The finale of "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" capped off an entertaining yet painfully realistic series.

Green Bandana Project, WellCAT ambassadors spread word on mental health, suicide prevention

More information about mental health and how to join the project is on Lafene's program website, and information on WellCAT ambassador activities is on its Instagram.

Local dog training facility raises funds for those needing therapy and service dogs

Manhattan's MuttSchool is searching for business owners and dog lovers to participate in the Pooch Playoffs, a competition designed to raise scholarship funds for those in need of assistance dogs.

Throat cancer most common in males over 50

Throat cancer is most common in males over the age of 50, and one of its most prominent leading causes is HPV.

Memories remain 25 years after riot

Twenty-five years ago today, Aggieville became home to one of the nation's first college-sport inspired riots. Oct. 13, 1984, after K-State defeated the University...

A primer on campus sculptures

Many of the works on campus were created by former students.

Royal roots: K-State and its color

From kings and castles to K-State, discover the history of the university's only official color.

The ‘knight’ of Nichols Hall: Professor fights to preserve medieval martial arts

Daniel Ireton is good for more than just finding that book you need in the library — he is also a medieval sword fighter and martial artist.

Greek life makes efforts to foster diversity in community

Alpha Chi Omega introduced a diversity chair this year to improve representation within the Greek community.

TikTokers Sister Cindy, Brother Jed preached controversial sermons to students on campus

Cindy Smock — better known as Sister Cindy — and her husband Brother Jed Smock preached to the crowd of students, using vulgar and highly sexualized language, signs and shirts.

Jake Wesley Rogers releases theatric, deeply personal EP ‘Pluto’

Jake Wesley Rogers released his debut EP with Warner Records, "Pluto," earlier this month to positive reviews — and rightly so.

Students, local residents celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Kanas State students enjoyed various activities over spring break celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

THINK LOCAL: Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center focuses on athlete recovery

Over 53 percent of injured athletes have significantly higher levels of depression, anxiety and lower self-esteem during the rehabilitation process, according to a pamphlet provided by OSMC.