Top 10 best, most dangerous spring break destinations

According to U.S. News Travel, the top 10 spring break destinations for 2013 are:1. Miami, Fla.2. South Padre Island, Texas3. Cancun, Mexico4. Puerto Vallarta,...

Finals Guide: Overstudying detrimental to students, research suggests taking breaks

As yet another semester ends, finals week is upon us — another week of projects, readings, papers and exams. These requirements have been on...

K-State traditions through the years

K-State family continues to partake in many old traditions.

‘Learning on the fly’: Mati adjusts to American volleyball, new opportunities

Freshman Tessa Mati traveled all the way from Italy to join the Wildcats.

Slowly but surely, vet-med program makes progress on tortoise research

The College of Veterinary Medicine has been conducting research on turtles and tortoises to explore the effects of anesthesia on the animals.

AJR’s “OK Orchestra” is an attempt at therapy for America

The events that occurred in the nation and the world in 2020 inspired AJR to put together an album to calm the nerves of those who feel uncertain about the future.

Liquid Art Winery brings locally curated wines and ciders to Manhattan

Liquid Art Winery owners and previous K-State students Dave and Danielle Tegtmeier curate wine and ciders in Manhattan.

Wordle: The five-letter brain-game taking the world by storm

Have you started playing the online game?

Travel and dining auction rings in 25th year this April

The 25th annual travel and dining auction gives students the opportunity to plan, prep and participate in a large event where proceeds are used to benefit student scholarships and clubs.

THINK LOCAL: Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center focuses on athlete recovery

Over 53 percent of injured athletes have significantly higher levels of depression, anxiety and lower self-esteem during the rehabilitation process, according to a pamphlet provided by OSMC.

THINK LOCAL: Kite’s Bar and Grill offers live music, catering, events

Kite's is restaffing and will have both restaurants running this summer, allowing some students to see it during the relaunch over the summer, while others will have to wait and see it next year.

Lights, camera … Kansas: 48-Hour Film Challenge celebrates the Sunflower State

Participants share the highs and lows of their mad-dash 48-hour filmmaking experience.

Five years, three records: ‘California’ by Blink-182

Blink-182's album "California" received less-than-stellar fan reviews in 2016, but a revisit might have some admitting they enjoyed it.

Abby Aguilar representing Philippine Student Association crowned Miss K-State 2022

Delta Upsilon hosted the ninth-annual Miss K-State competition on Tuesday, April 12.

Macey Franko wins UPC’s 47th Annual Student Photography contest

Out of over 150 photo submissions, Macey Franko's "Back in the Saddle 2" takes first place.

Monkey see, monkey do: Sunset Zoo’s Mangalisa the Colobus monkey regains eyesight

Mangalisa, a Colobus monkey at Sunset Zoo, regained eyesight with cataract surgery.

Inaugural ‘Run for the Roses’ event to benefit various K-State Garden projects

The first-ever Run for the Roses 5K event will be hosted by the K-State Gardens this Saturday, April 30.

REVIEW: Netflix’s ‘The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes’ enlightens audiences about the...

Marilyn Monroe's life behind the cameras is explored in this new Netflix documentary.

Does Gatorade have genuine benefits or is it false advertising?

Nutrition professor shares his views on the sports drink

3-D Printing may not take off until next year, still revolutionary

3-D Printing is currently expensive, but next year when the prices are expected to drop, the industry's use will skyrocket.