Input Salad: new student-run salad shop to open in Manhattan

Input Salad to share a brick-and-mortar space with TheraPie in March.

Call Hall Dairy Bar — more than just ice cream

Call Hall Dairy Bar is conveniently located on campus for students and staff looking for a quick, hearty meal.

Local beer brewed with donuts to sell exclusively in Manhattan

Varsity Donuts and Manhattan Brewing Company have joined forces to combine two American favorites: donuts and beer.

Students host bake sale in Lilly Koehn’s honor

On Monday, April 17, Alpha Chi Omega and Kansas State’s Bakery Science Club will host a bake sale in honor of Lillyan Koehn

Brunchin’ in MHK 

The Chef, Early Edition Restaurant and Bluestem Bistro are three amazing brunch spots in Manhattan.

Coffee and community: The Dusty Bookshelf hosts The Latte Art Throwdown

Coffee enthusiasts from all over Kansas competed in The Dusty Bookshelf’s Latte Art Throwdown on Tuesday.

Review: Antojitos Mexicanos El Sol

Antojitos Mexicanos El Sol could be your next dinner spot, but the food is hit-or-miss

Cozy with coffee: Local coffee shops treat customers to February-exclusive drinks

Love is in the air — or is it the smell of coffee? Either way, local coffee shops have been brewing up February drink specials with lots of love.

RECIPE: The Green Machine Smoothie

The Green Machine Smoothie is the perfect way to start your day, giving you a healthy and tasty treat to set your mood right.

Pancakes for Pawnee stack up funds for Pawnee Mental Health Services

The 5th-annual Pancakes for Pawnee event raised over $20,000 for Pawnee Mental Health Services with the help of Early Edition.

RECIPE: Not your mom’s bruschetta

This Italian treat is sure to bring your friends together for the simple and fancy snack.