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One Act Play Festival provides platform for playwrights to showcase creations

Manhattan Arts Center brings drama to the city

New K-State app not worth the download

By Austin Green

The science of compliment rejection: gender and attribution

Have you ever told someone how gorgeous he or she looks that day, only to hear them call themselves ugly? How about a time...

Taylor Swift’s new single abandons artist’s roots

With the release of her new single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," Taylor Swift has left all of her country music fans...

Proposed bills sparks debate on Internet freedom

SOPA and PIPA – the two acronyms and Congress bills that have sparked heavy Internet debates. Production companies and music industries want their copyrighted...

Bulletins 10/23

The Geology Seminar Series presents Steve Massie's lecture "Seismic, Log and Core Characters of Chlorite-coated Sandstones in Santos Basin, Brazil" at 4 p.m. today...

“Touched”: A poem by Kaylie McLaughlin

The Collegian's news editor, Kaylie McLaughlin, shares her poem "Touched."

Kat’s Corner: House of Cards

Kat’s Corner is a poetry segment that is open to student submission.

Paper towels offer quicker, more effective option than counterpart

As I'm sure others can relate, when I am in a public restroom, the thing I look forward to the most is getting out...

International Coffee Hour takes students on a journey to Turkmenistan

A sophomore at K-State gave a presentation about his home country, Turkmenistan.

Tony-winning tap dancer performs solo, group songs in McCain

    It was a simple stage set up with a few microphones, three rectangular, wooden platforms and men to dance on them. That was...

Student firefighters ‘always learning’ on, off the job

The Manhattan Fire Department gives K-State students an opportunity unlike any other.

Rebel against spring cleaning

Stereotypes of college students are as follows: they are constantly drinking, partying, skipping classes and have dorm rooms that are permanently messy. College students...

Diving into ‘Water For Elephants’

A in-depth review of the real differences between the book and movie of "Water for Elephants."

RCPD presence at Pillsbury increases in response to citizen concerns

What can and can't you do at Pillsbury Crossing?

REVIEW: Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’

The new reality dating show sparks intrigue as it allows long-term couples to explore a new relationship after giving an ultimatum for marriage to their S.O.

Seniors reflect, share what they wish they had known their freshman year

Good finals week habits are better started earlier. Seniors share what they have learned from their cumulative finals experience.

REVIEW: ‘What’s Right with Kansas’ is engaging, but fails to accurately represent the whole...

I struggled to see the Kansas I connect to in this leadership book

Veteran Sgt. Smith reflects on her 3 tours in Iraq

Retired Sgt. Jennifer Smith leaves a legacy serving in the Army for 13.5 years.

Locals discuss ‘glory days’ of Aggieville

Locals discuss how Aggieville has changed over the years.