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Students share mixed opinions on proposed changes to campus smoking policy

As the Student Governing Association considers making changes to the university's smoking policy, the topic has become an important issue to many K-State students....

Jewelry becomes whole new type of fake

Now there is not just knock-off jewelry, there are non-permanent tattoos that look like jewelry

Manhattan utilizes stimulus funds to enhance safety of intersection

From new light bulbs to expanded intersections, the city of Manhattan is scheduled to start seeing effects from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act...

Kat’s Corner: “Agatha from down the lane”

William Bernard, sophomore in mass communications, shares his poetry with Kat's Corner.

Featured Artist: ‘Impala’ by Cole Bertelsen

This featured artwork, "Impala," is done by Cole Bertelsen, sophomore in journalism and mass communications.

A&H Farms celebrates ten years of annual fall festival with a socially distanced twist

The farm is owned by Andrea and Hugo DeJesus. A decade ago, the pair began the fall festival tradition.

Legendary folk artist visiting McCain

Folk singer and music legend Janis Ian is scheduled to take the stage tonight in McCain Auditorium. The event is part of the 2010-2011 McCain...

Real Time Strategy gamers eagerly await release of “Total War: Rome II”

"Total War: Rome II" is a long-awaited strategy game set in ancient Rome that will hopefully exit the vaults of The Creative Assembly in...

Night of hope hosting a party at Houston Street Ballroom to promote cancer awareness

Dinner, drinks and door prizes make a party, one sponsored by the American Cancer Society from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. today at the...

Stuffed Marinated Cherry Peppers Recipe

To start off tailgating, a regular tailgater might set out a bowl of chips and call it good, but why not add some pizazz...

Struggle for LGBT rights a national, local issue

One of the hottest topics of discussion in recent weeks has been the amount of circulating legislation that would allow same sex couples to...

Actor shares thoughts on working with Eddie Murphy in film

"A Thousand Words," a new movie starring Eddie Murphy and Clark Duke, debuts in theaters today. In the movie, Murphy's character, Jack McCall, is...

Thug Notes brings classic literature to da’ hood

Thug Notes brings exciting, yet informative adaptations to classic literature.

5 tips for planning a holiday party

Throwing a holiday party can be a lot of work and stress, but parties are supposed to be fun. If you want to throw...

Conveniences of powdered alcohol clash with controversy of abuse possiblities

Powdered alcohol product Palcohol could revolutionize the alcohol industry, but is meeting controversy before it even hits the shelves.

Certain minors universally beneficial

Some minors can be beneficial for several different majors and areas of study.

Adopting animal from local shelter rewarding

Adopted pets are grateful for a new home, and their owners can be just as thankful to have a new companion.Allie Prester, senior in...

Burst, full body workouts a must for busy college students

You don't need the gym and its fancy equipment to stay healthy

The indulgent’s guide to cheap booze

[Some articles review the finest liquors. This isn't one of those articles.]

New Spider-Man a worthy successor to Peter Parker

The continuity of Marvel's Ultimate universe spin-off is tight, well-written and easy to follow. Any character can die and, unlike the characters of the...