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REVIEW: ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’ is a tangled mess

The supposed sequel to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" does not hold up to its hype.

City commission candidates discuss Aggieville issues

Candidates for the Manhattan city commission answered questions at a forum Sunday in Kathouse Lounge in Aggieville.Sponsored by the Aggieville Business Association, the forum...

City primary election rules could change

Manhattan City Commission approved the first reading of a charter ordinance to establish the number of candidates necessary to hold a city primary election....


THURSDAY Jeffery Scott Jepsen, of the 2800 block of Johnson Valley Drive, was booked for two counts of sexual exploitation of a child. Bond was...

Christian rock artist performs in City Park for local girls, families

Sunshine and music filled City Park Wednesday as dozens of girls, ages 8 to 15, laughed and played in the grass. Their parents, siblings...

Sunscreen advice from Lafene

Local practitioner opens up about sunscreen benefits and dangers.

High school sweethearts to tie knot soon

Socially speaking, college is a time to meet new people. A new group, a new best friend, maybe even a new boyfriend or girlfriend. There...

Graduate student presents performance art

A graduate student's thesis project involved a performance in Bosco Plaza.

Men’s lacrosse club prepares for Donnie Tillar Memorial Classic

Kansas State men's lacrosse club uses the fall to get ready for competitive spring games.

Celebrity obsession only hurts U.S. news

Over the past few months, reports of celebrity abuse by paparazzi have been steadily increasing. All the stories buzzing around and the nature of...

Student organizations find new ways to connect amid pandemic barriers

In the midst of a pandemic, clubs and independent student organizations are facing new challenges with club meetings.

Christmas list includes Oscar for ‘Dark Knight’

    For professional movie critics, December is a month of top-10 lists, best-actress awards and reflective essays on artsy films and the progression of...

Friends for life: International buddy program helps students feel at home

International students make a home in the K-State Family by linking up with domestic students through the International Buddies program.

Caught in the act

Jessica*I opened a new browser to find "Girls Gone Wild" as one of the previously closed links, left behind by my husband's friend. RylieMy...

‘Oh, the places they’ll go’: LINK scooters end up in new, unusual places

K-State students find the fun in getting their scooters where one would not typically find them.

Food poisoning not taken seriously enough, can come from unexpected sources

A friend of mine recently ate an apple without washing it. She reasoned that it was safe because it was organic and had no...

Spring Break plans for K-Staters include spending time with friends, family

K-State students share their plans for spring break.

Not driving home from Aggieville at night can be costly

For people headed to Aggieville, the question of whether to drive their cars or find other modes of transportation becomes a problem.However, a dilemma...

Buddy up: International Buddies creates connections between local, international students

The International Buddies Program encourages friendships and learning between diverse members of the Manhattan community.

GradeGenie site gives students new way to share class notes

A Web site that aspires to be the academic equivalent of Facebook.com is gaining popularity across the nation.GradeGenie.com, a site that allows students to...