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Study lists 4 majors with highest post-graduation unemployment rates

Graduates in information systems, architecture, anthropology and political science face the highest rates of unemployment after graduation.

Ten things to know before getting your wisdom teeth out in your 20s

Wisdom teeth extraction is a painful but manageable experience with these tips and tricks.

REVIEW: ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’ brings nothing new to the ‘Shadowhunter’ series

Cassandra Clare's latest Shadowhunter novel "Queen of Air and Darkness" is nothing new from the popular author.

Definition of ‘health’ has changed, morphed

Over time, the definition of "health" has changed, been debated

Senior says she’s ‘lost hope’ while job-hunting

Madison Byrd is struggling to find a job in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hidden Gems: How 2 K-Staters turned thrift shopping into profit

Brooke Evans and Grace Hunter are two K-State students who have turned their love for thrift shopping into a business endeavor.

AJR’s “OK Orchestra” is an attempt at therapy for America

The events that occurred in the nation and the world in 2020 inspired AJR to put together an album to calm the nerves of those who feel uncertain about the future.

App review: WordReference’s lingo, language technology

App helps students in language courses.

You know you’re a K-State architecture student when…

Most students at K-State see architecture students as the zombies with no social life that occupy Seaton Hall 20 hours a day, 7 days a week; but they are much more that!

REVIEW: ‘The Blade Itself’ is a wonderful, painful read

Cutting straight to the point, Joe Abercrombie brings readers close to his characters in "The Blade Itself."

A brief, vulgar history of the ‘KU chant’

The "F*** KU" chant is more controversial than ever, but the past, present and future of sporting chants at K-State is something more students should know about.

From Jayhawk to Wildcat: a change to a purple heart

How K-State students who grew up as Jayhawks switched sides.

Wordle: The five-letter brain-game taking the world by storm

Have you started playing the online game?

Top 10 civil rights leaders

We were all taught about the civil rights movement in history class, but this fight is an ongoing battle that is still happening in...

Little Italy in the Little Apple: New Italian restaurant to open in Aggieville

Nico's Little Italy plans to open in October and offer large food portions and a family atmosphere.

REVIEW: KSBN common read uncommonly offensive

A student's review of this year's KSBN common read, Mark Haddon's 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.'

Woman hospitalized after accident, receives support from community

Local businesses accept donations to help with woman's medical expenses.

REVIEW: ‘The Defining Decade’ is a must-read for recent grads

How will your 20s define you? "The Defining Decade" by Dr. Meg Jay can help answer this question for you.

Recently opened speakeasy brings life to 1920s

Local restaurant owner creates a member-exclusive bar in downtown Manhattan

Jealousy rooted in psychology and biology, affects many relationships

As with all personal endeavors in life, relationships can sometimes reveal character flaws and bring out a side in people that they themselves do...