Jammin’ Out: Murray’s Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves gives foodies a taste of home

Murray's hit the nail on the head with their strawberry rhubarb preserves.

Tolkien’s Christmas book brings back warm memories

A compilation of letters J. R. R. Tolkien wrote to his children as Father Christmas, the book compiles over twenty years of letters that glimpse into the esteemed author's role as a father.

Tiger King season two brings intrigue, answers

Tiger King season two answers questions from season one and invokes additional questions yet to be answered.

Adele’s fourth album will make you cry, dance, then cry again

Some emotions and thoughts on the heartwrenching album "30" by Adele released Nov. 19. The album includes many tributes to people that have helped her become the woman and artist she is today.

‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ gives chance to relive album

Taylor Swift's re-recording of "Red" did not disappoint, with added "From-the-Vault" tracks and old favorites to enjoy.

Portland-native Aminé releases colorful mixtape

Adam Aminé Daniel, the 27-year-old rapper, singer and songwriter from Portland, Oregon, released his most recent project, "TWOPOINTFIVE," on Nov. 5, 2021.

Robby’s Famous Cheesecakes becoming a staple in Little Apple

Robby’s Famous Cheesecakes has recently opened in Aggieville with sweet treats for everyone to try.

‘Stop, Look, and Listen: This is Life in Kansas’ is a great book appreciating...

Gus van der Hoeven's new book, "Stop, Look, and Listen: This is Life in Kansas," shares over 100 of his radio broadcast vignettes, telling the stories of living in Kansas.

Jake Wesley Rogers releases theatric, deeply personal EP ‘Pluto’

Jake Wesley Rogers released his debut EP with Warner Records, "Pluto," earlier this month to positive reviews — and rightly so.

Pumpkin spice lattes bring the taste of fall to Manhattan

Embarking on a coffee shop crawl, the best pumpkin spice lattes in Manhattan were tried and rated.

Local restaurants, coffee shops celebrate fall season with specialty food, beverages

Local Manhattan eateries feature festive fall specialties such as lattes and pastries.

Netflix’s ‘Britney vs. Spears’ provides a thorough — somewhat invasive — look into Spears’...

The new Netflix documentary discusses Spear's decline in mental health regarding her public legal battle with her father.

2005 Pulitzer Prize winner ‘Gilead’ holds up just as strong today

Marilynne Robinson's "Gilead" is a story that leaves time for reflection while reminding its reader to live with deep love and passion during the time you are given on Earth.

Memphis alt-rockers release self-titled debut album

The Band CAMINO showcases a variety of styles with the release of their self-titled debut album.

Netflix film ‘Afterlife of the Party’ explores connection through music, even beyond the grave

Featuring music by Spencer Sutherland, "Afterlife of the Party" follows social butterfly Cassie as she’s given a second chance to right her wrongs. The film explores how music creates strong connections.

Texas musician, popular TikToker lives in the moment with new EP

Singer-songwriter Emma Oliver delivers sad bops, ballads and bold vocals with her new extended play record, "We Are Only a Moment."

REVIEW: ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’ is exactly what I needed

Listening now, I find other meanings in the lyrics. And boy, it hurts my soul but also makes me look back fondly at how, frankly, inexperienced I was.

REVIEW: New podcast goes behind-the-scenes of the indie filmmaking process

"Make Cool Sh!t" is an anthology-style podcast series dedicated to breaking down the creative process, with the first season focusing on making a movie from scratch.

Marvel is back in action with ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

While WandaVision embraced a more abstract plot, it looks like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is moving back to immediate action.

Grammy-nominated musician Giveon gets personal in new compilation album

The 26-year-old Giveon Dezmann Evans celebrates the first anniversary of his debut EP with a compilation album and new song.