7:45 – Attorney General election results

7:45- With less than 1% of votes counted In the race for Attorney General, Kris Kobach (R)  tails with 38% of votes, behind Chris...

7:31 – US Senate election results

Jerry Moran (R) leads the race for Senator at 52% with less than 1% of the votes counted. Mark R. Holland (D) follows at...

US House of Representatives District 4: Estes leads with early on

With less than 1% of votes counted in the race for House of Representatives in District 4, Ron Estes (R) leads with 55% of...

Meet Kim Zito, Democratic KS House of Representatives candidate for District 67

Kim Zito joins us for an interview hours before the polls close on Nov. 8 for Election 2022.

KS Senator: Moran leads in early polling

7:06 p.m. — Jerry Moran (R) leads the early polling results for KS Senator with 64% of the vote with 2% of votes counted....

Kansas Election 2022 Unofficial Results

Our live and updating page of Election 2022 vote counts, percentage points, and projected winners.

Election 2022 Voter Guide

Before the Nov. 8 election arrives, learn more about each candidate and their stance on issues with our handy 2022 Voter Guide.

2022 Voter Guide: Board of Education District 1

Jeffrey Howards (D) and Danny Zeck (R) go head-to-head for District 1's Board of Education seat. District 1 covers the city of Manhattan.

2022 Voter Guide: State Treasurer

Lynn W. Rogers (D), Steven Johnson (R) and Steve Roberts (L) are in the running for treasurer office.

2022 Voter Guide: Attorney General

Attorney general candidates Chris Mann (D) and Kris Kobach (R) face-off for office in Election 2022.

2022 Voter Guide: Secretary of State

Jenna Repass (D) and Scott Schwab (R, incumbent) face-off for Kansas' Secretary of State office.

2022 Voter Guide: Kansas House of Representatives District 67

Kim Zito (D) and Mike Dodson (R, incumbent) face-off for Kansas' District 67 House of Representatives seat. District 67 covers West Manhattan.

2022 Voter Guide: U.S. House of Representatives District 1

James Beard (D) and incumbent Tracey Mann (R) face-off for the District 1 House of Representatives seat. District 1 covers Manhattan and Western Kansas.

2022 Voter Guide: U.S. Senate

Mark Holland (D), Jerry Moran (R, incumbent) and David Graham (L) face-off for the coveted U.S. Senate seat.

2022 Voter Guide: Governor

Incumbent Laura Kelly (D) faces Derek Schmidt (R), Seth Cordell (L) and Dennis Pyle (I) for the 2022 Governor's race.

Election 2022: Voting preparation guide

Our resource guide for casting your vote on or before Election Day 2022.

Senate candidate Mark Holland visits Manhattan on campaign trail

Holland held the meet-up at the Manhattan Public Library and talked about reproductive rights, Kansas’ economy and more.

‘Value Them Both’ amendment rejected, primary ballot results

Alongside retaining abortion rights in Kansas’ constitution, the ballot determined Republican and Democratic candidates for the 2022 general election.