Ask Me Live Recap: Pat Bosco

Pat Bosco, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students, answers questions in a live Q&A session with The Collegian.


K-State men's basketball senior forward DJ Johnson took over the Kansas State Collegian's Twitter account for an hour on Thursday.


K-Staters took to Twitter today in reaction to the upwards of 33 mph winds on campus.


Twitter users use their accounts to bring awareness to cancer.


Twitter flips over the groundhog's shadow.


Twitter celebrates Black History Month.


Twitter responds to President Obama's executive action on equal pay.


Twitter users get in touch with their inner child.


Twitter remembers the tragedy of the Holocaust.


Twitter users offer ways to make today a better day.


Twitter users celebrates women's right to decide what is best for their bodies.


Bestselling author asks women to empower each other on social media.


Penguins everywhere were celebrated today, simply for being penguins.

#Hashtag: Celebrities slung into Christmas carol titles and lyrics

Twitter users create Christmas carol title and lyric mashups using names of celebrities and famous figures.

#Hashtag: In Grandpas Day

Twitter users are getting nostalgic and talked about what life was like back in grandpa's day

#Hashtag: Rosa Parks leaves lasting impact on society

Rosa Parks is still celebrated 60 years later, for her part in the Civil Rights Movement.

#Hashtag: Nations celebrate Author Day

Twitter users share favorite authors and recognize fellow authors on Author Day ad part of NaNoWriMo.

#Hashtag: It’s WorldToilet Day y’all

Millions of people do not have access to toilets.

#Hashtag: #JaredFogle

Former Subway spokesperson sentenced for child pornography and sex with a minor.

#Hashtag: Theatre and arts groups, worldwide, show theatre a little love

Various theatre and arts groups in the United Kingdom and worldwide recognize today as Love Theatre Day.