#AML with Dr. Frank Tracz

The Collegian sat down with K-State Director of Bands Dr. Frank Tracz for an hour and a half-long live, online Q-and-A.

#AML with Hurtig, Tinker

The Collegian hosted the SGA president and vice president for the live, online Q-and-A Ask Me Live

#Hashtag: First day of fall trending on Twitter

The first day of fall has social media buzzing.

Some businesses aren’t telling their customers everything

A new trending hashtag places entertainment and irritation in the business industry.

#Hashtag: Twitter talks martial law on anniversary of martial law impairment in Philippines

Political unrest and anniversary of martial law imposition in Philippines strikes up debates on social media and drives some to try to educate younger generations on martial law in hopes to avoid future governmental corruption

#Hashtag: Twitter users spoof movie titles in spirit of Halloween

Twitter users twist movie titles to match a Halloween theme.

#AML with Coach Snyder

We're kicking off our Ask Me Live series with K-State's legendary head football coach!

#AML with LGBT Resource Center Coordinator Brandon Haddock

The Collegian hosted a live Q-and-A with K-State's LGBT Resource Center Coordinator.

#Hashtag: Momentum growing to ban Confederate flag from capitol buildings

A public movement on social media is calling for an end to flying the Confederate flag at state capitols.

#Hashtag: Campus construction road closures

Ongoing construction is expected to divert much of the campus traffic.

#Hashtag: Scott Walker drops out

The Wisconsin Governor today ended his campaign.

#Hashtag: Columbus Day

Today is Columbus Day. This means that some kids get today off school and some people revel in the historical development of our country....

#Hashtag: National Stress Awareness Day

Today is National Stress Awareness Day and Twitter wants to help you relax.

#AML with Ken Stafford

The Collegian hosted a live Q-and-A with K-State's chief information officer Ken Stafford Thursday.

#AML with K-State Proud

The Collegian hosted a live Q&A with K-State Proud's three co-chairs on Tuesday.

#Hashtag: Lethal Injection Decision

The Supreme Court makes a ruling regarding the use of a controversial drug for executions.

#Hashtag: The Kansas connection to Pluto

After almost 3,464 days of travel, the New Horizons finally captured images of Pluto.

#Hashtag: Junior doctors may strike after government proposes contract changes

British junior doctors will proceed with industrial action ballot after government proposes changes to contract.


Penguins everywhere were celebrated today, simply for being penguins.


Twitter responds to President Obama's executive action on equal pay.