Spurrier steps down as South Carolina’s “Head Ball Coach”

After almost 30 years in college football, one of its icons is calling it quits for now.

#Hashtag: Iran Deal

Six countries reached a deal with Iran to help prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

#Hashtag: Individuals of all ages, races, genders acknowledge Anti-bullying Week

Twitter users share Anti-bully Week activities in attempt to raise awareness for bullying as an issue.

#Hashtag: Minimum Wage Movement

A quick look at recent action towards a higher minimum wage.

#Hashtag: Theatre and arts groups, worldwide, show theatre a little love

Various theatre and arts groups in the United Kingdom and worldwide recognize today as Love Theatre Day.

Hashtag: Martin Shkeli’s $750 HIV medication gets $1 competition

Does the free market deliver karmic blow to Martin Shkeli?

#AML with LGBT Resource Center Coordinator Brandon Haddock

The Collegian hosted a live Q-and-A with K-State's LGBT Resource Center Coordinator.

#Hashtag: Caitlyn Jenner will not face criminal charges in fatal car accident

Caitlyn Jenner will reportedly not face criminal charges for a car accident she was involved in earlier in the year.

#Hashtag: Pope visits U.S.

The Pope's visit to U.S. trended on twitter spurring comments of support, concern and fashion advice.


Twitter users celebrates women's right to decide what is best for their bodies.

#Hashtag: BottledWaterRecall

Bottled Water Company Niagra recalls 14 brands of bottled water due to E. Coli risk.

#Hashtag: Lest We Forget

[Regardless of whether you call it Remembrance Day, Armistice Day or Veteran's Day, show gratitude for those who have sacrificed for their country with #LestWeForget]

#Hashtag: Fox buys National Geographic

NatGeo's big move to be "Fair and Balanced"

#Hashtag: Kenya calls out CNN

Twitter turns into a hot mess after CNN's "hotbed of terror" remark.

#Hashtag: Spotting a weakness

Kansas City Royals players diagnosed with chickenpox as the end of the season looms closer.

#Hashtag: Ralph Lauren retires as CEO

Ralph Lauren hands reigns of company to Stefan Larsson, Old Navy chief.

#Hashtag: SoBe Apologies for joke

SoBe Lifewater has printed messages on the inside of their products, but one joke went a little too far, according to some people.

#Hashtag: 50 Cent files for bankruptcy

Rapper 50 cent files for bankruptcy, Twitter implodes with irony

#Hashtag: Cops tackle James Blake in mistaken identity case

James Blake, former tennis star, tackled and detained by cops after they mistook him for an identity thief