#Hashtag: Alabama city council wants citywide dress code

Council members in Dadeville, Alabama may soon vote to ban clothing like saggy pants and short skirts.

#Hashtag: Thoughts turn to zombies as Halloween approaches

Twitter users ponder what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse

#Hashtag: Jon Stewart lobbies Congress for 9/11 responders

The ex-Daily Show host's much-needed visit to the Hill.

#Hashtag: Company executive faces life in prison

Peanut Corporation of America executive faces life in prison for knowingly sending tainted peanuts across the U.S.

#Hashtag: Hillary Clinton opposes Keystone Pipeline

The Democratic frontrunner for nomination finally answers the persistent question.

#Hashtag: Volkswagen issues huge recall after cheating on standards

Big business again explicitly works against consumers.

#Hashtag: Super Blood Moon impresses, bores onlookers

Twitter was over taken by #SuperBloodMoon during and after the eclipse.

#Hashtag: Caitlyn Jenner will not face criminal charges in fatal car accident

Caitlyn Jenner will reportedly not face criminal charges for a car accident she was involved in earlier in the year.

Zimmerman gets social media attention

George Zimmerman reposts photo of dead Trayvon Martin, which ignites a social media fiasco.

New documentary sparks social media chatter

Race Riots USA has taken social media by a storm, becoming trending on Twitter.

Some businesses aren’t telling their customers everything

A new trending hashtag places entertainment and irritation in the business industry.

Taylor Swift named top Twitter account

Twitter finally released the top five most popular accounts and Taylor Swift was number one.

#Hashtag: Raven Symone

The talk show host received backlash for her recent comments on people's names.

#Hashtag: Killer of Cecil the Lion will not face charges

Zimbabwe officials will not pursue charges against dentist.

#Hashtag: Spirit Day

Twitter is celebrating a day of LGBT bullying prevention.

#Hashtag: Texas cuts off Medicaid for Planned Parenthood

Texas cuts off Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood affiliates statewide.

#Hastag: My Resume Doesn’t Mention

Twitter users discuss the not-so-proud past.

#Hashtag: It’s WorldToilet Day y’all

Millions of people do not have access to toilets.


Twitter users celebrates women's right to decide what is best for their bodies.