#Hashtag: Twitter users thought you were so hot until…

The Twitter community trends #YouWereSoHotUntil, sharing mainly humorous experiences under the hashtag.

#Hashtag: Individuals of all ages, races, genders acknowledge Anti-bullying Week

Twitter users share Anti-bully Week activities in attempt to raise awareness for bullying as an issue.


Twitter celebrates Black History Month.

#Hashtag: Spurs and Hammon break gender barrier once again

Hammon becomes first female NBA summer league coach in the league's history.

#Hashtag: Fox buys National Geographic

NatGeo's big move to be "Fair and Balanced"

Bear selfies close park

Colorado park closes because of guests close proximity to bears.

Blogger makes headlines for breaking stereotypes

The 'fat girl running' attempts to break the stereotypes surrounding those who are overweight.

#Hashtag: House votes to defund Planned Parenthood

And why the news sounds worse than it actually is.

#Hashtag: Bernie Sanders hits fundraising surge

Despite his refusal of Super PACs, Sanders is reporting huge funds this quarter.

#Hashtag: Give Twitter a Slogan

Twitter users try to create a marketing slogan for Twitter, many for entertainment.

#Hashtag: #BoycottStarWarsEpisodeVII takes Twitter from zero to stupid in less than 12 parsecs

The new Star Wars poster is out and.. surprise... people are unhappy for stupid reasons.

#Hashtag: China decides to end one-child policy

China has decided to end its one-child policy, which has been in place for decades, and allow couples the option to have up to two children.

#Hashtag: Celebrating service through the years

On Veterans Day, veterans are thanked by Americans nationwide.

#Hashtag: Dozens killed in Beirut bombing, ISIS claims responsibility

Dozens killed and hundreds injured in a twin bombing in Beirut.

#Hashtag: Trump2016

Donald Trump makes the announcement of his presidential campaign in the 2016 elections.

#Hashtag: Crane collapse destroys mosque, kills worshipers in Mecca

Crane collapses on building during storm injuring and killing hundreds of people.

#Hashtag: Alabama city council wants citywide dress code

Council members in Dadeville, Alabama may soon vote to ban clothing like saggy pants and short skirts.

#Hashtag: Gallup gives up some of its 2016 election polling

The public polling group has announced a change for the upcoming presidential election.

Hashtag: Martin Shkeli’s $750 HIV medication gets $1 competition

Does the free market deliver karmic blow to Martin Shkeli?