#Hashtag: I Still Facebook Because…

Twitter users have taken to one social media platform to explain why they still use the other.

#Hashtag: Word Of The Year

The Oxford Dictionary selected the 'Face with Tears of Joy' emoji as its 2015 word of the year.

#Hashtag: Individuals of all ages, races, genders acknowledge Anti-bullying Week

Twitter users share Anti-bully Week activities in attempt to raise awareness for bullying as an issue.

#Hashtag: Pray For The World

Friday, Nov. 13 left million around the world mourning events that ranged from terror attacks to natural disasters.

#Hashtag: It’s Not A Holiday Until

Twitter users are sharing how they spend their holidays every year.

#Hashtag: Dozens killed in Beirut bombing, ISIS claims responsibility

Dozens killed and hundreds injured in a twin bombing in Beirut.

#Hashtag: Celebrating service through the years

On Veterans Day, veterans are thanked by Americans nationwide.

#Hashtag: Lest We Forget

[Regardless of whether you call it Remembrance Day, Armistice Day or Veteran's Day, show gratitude for those who have sacrificed for their country with #LestWeForget]

#Hashtag: Workers fight for $15 minimum wage

Those making minimum wage nationwide, joined together in a fight for $15 minimum wage Tuesday.

#Hashtag: Finding Dory

The Pixar sequel "Finding Dory" released the movie trailer today.

#Hashtag Equal Pay Day marks enlargement of gender pay gap

Equal Pay Day acknowledges equal pay for women in U.K. and increases awareness worldwide.

#Hashtag: Be brave in 4 words

Twitter users are taking advantage of the hashtag "be brave in 4 words" to say things they wouldn't normally say.

#AML with John Currie

K-State's athletic director John Currie joined us on Ask Me Live.

#Hashtag: Missouri football players boycott due to acts of racism on campus

Black University of Missouri football players boycott, supported by teammates and joined by other students, due to a string of racist incidents on campus.

#Hashtag: Twitter users thought you were so hot until…

The Twitter community trends #YouWereSoHotUntil, sharing mainly humorous experiences under the hashtag.

#Hashtag: National Stress Awareness Day

Today is National Stress Awareness Day and Twitter wants to help you relax.

#Hashtag: Junior doctors may strike after government proposes contract changes

British junior doctors will proceed with industrial action ballot after government proposes changes to contract.

#Hashtag: My 3 Word Happiness

People tweet about what can make them happy using three words.

#AML with April Mason

The Collegian hosted a live Q-and-A with K-State's provost and senior vice president.

#Hashtag: Schulz won’t cancel classes

No day off for K-State.