#Hashtag: World Series

The Kansas City Royals have won the World Series and taken the crown after 30 long years.

#AML with K-State Proud

The Collegian hosted a live Q&A with K-State Proud's three co-chairs on Tuesday.

#Hashtag: Halloween A Sitcom

Twitter users muse about Halloween based TV shows.

#Hashtag: China decides to end one-child policy

China has decided to end its one-child policy, which has been in place for decades, and allow couples the option to have up to two children.

Hashtag: Martin Shkeli’s $750 HIV medication gets $1 competition

Does the free market deliver karmic blow to Martin Shkeli?

#Hashtag: National Chocolate Day

Today is National Chocolate Day, not that we need another reason to eat the sweet treat so close to Halloween.

#Hashtag: Harry Potter still relevant today

Harry Potter fans vent, rant and rave over Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets.

#AML with Marcelo Sabatés

The Collegian hosted a live Q-and-A with the associate provost of International Programs Oct. 29, 2015.

#Hashtag: I Will Only Date You If

Twitter users discuss the limitations and expectations they have of their future partners.

#Hashtag: Jon Stewart to open animal sanctuary

The comedian and his wife continue animal advocacy.

#Hashtag: National Pumpkin Day

Twitter users tweet celebrating the October vegetable.

#Hashtag: Twitter users spoof movie titles in spirit of Halloween

Twitter users twist movie titles to match a Halloween theme.

Hashtag: Star Baylor quarterback out of season

Seth Russell was on pace to break the record for quarterback rating held by Russell Wilson.

#Hashtag: Sesame Street introduces Julia, a child with autism

New character with autism, Julia, to join the cast of Sesame Street.

#Hashtag: Benghazi Committee

Hillary Clinton testifies in regards to the 2012 Benghazi attack Thursday.

#Hashtag: Joe Biden finally decides he’s not running

The months-long not-campaign is coming to an end.

#Hashtag: Benghazi Hearing

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton goes before the House Benghazi committee.

#Hashtag: Oct. 21, 2015 dubbed “Back to the Future” Day

Twitter users celebrate "Back to the Future" Day, marked by Marty McFly's trip to Oct. 21, 2015 in the 1989 film "Back to the Future II."

#Hashtag: 20 Days Until the Outfield

A new movie coming out has Twitter users filled with anticipation.

#Hashtag: Jim Webb drops out of Democratic primary

One of the five remaining Democratic candidates for president is dropping out.