#Hashtag: Trump Card

Donald Trump's undeniable surge in the polls

#AML with Noel Schulz

The Collegian will host a live Q-and-A with the associate dean for research and graduate programs today at 1:30 p.m.

#Hashtag: Momentum growing to ban Confederate flag from capitol buildings

A public movement on social media is calling for an end to flying the Confederate flag at state capitols.

#AML with April Mason

The Collegian hosted a live Q-and-A with K-State's provost and senior vice president.

#AML with K-State Proud

The Collegian hosted a live Q&A with K-State Proud's three co-chairs on Tuesday.

#Hashtag: Record 13 Freshman drafted in 2015 NBA draft

One-and-done's are becoming more and more prevalent with high freshman draft numbers.

#AML with Ken Stafford

The Collegian hosted a live Q-and-A with K-State's chief information officer Ken Stafford Thursday.

#Hashtag: Trump2016

Donald Trump makes the announcement of his presidential campaign in the 2016 elections.

#AML with Marcelo Sabatés

The Collegian hosted a live Q-and-A with the associate provost of International Programs Oct. 29, 2015.

#Hashtag: Jared Fogle

The FBI searched the home of Subway spokesman Jared Fogle Tuesday morning as part of a child pornography investigation.

#Hashtag: International Literacy Day raises awareness of importance of literacy

Advocates of the International Literacy Day campaign, supported by the World Literacy Foundation, backed the cause through Twitter.

#Hashtag: Crane collapse destroys mosque, kills worshipers in Mecca

Crane collapses on building during storm injuring and killing hundreds of people.

#Hashtag: Iran Deal

Six countries reached a deal with Iran to help prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

#Hashtag: Fox buys National Geographic

NatGeo's big move to be "Fair and Balanced"

#AML with LGBT Resource Center Coordinator Brandon Haddock

The Collegian hosted a live Q-and-A with K-State's LGBT Resource Center Coordinator.

#Hashtag: Biden gets emotional in late night interview

Colbert presses Biden for answers about presidential campaign, things get emotional.


How the NBA and Twitter proved to be perfect for one another.

#Hashtag: BottledWaterRecall

Bottled Water Company Niagra recalls 14 brands of bottled water due to E. Coli risk.

#Hashtag: Workers fight for $15 minimum wage

Those making minimum wage nationwide, joined together in a fight for $15 minimum wage Tuesday.

#Hashtag: Bennifer divorce

Celebrity couple to divorce after 10 years of marriage.