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The Collegian will host a number of K-State and Manhattan celebrities, including athletic coaches, President Kirk Schulz, and many others.

#Hashtag: Woman to be featured on $10 bill

An early leak revealed that the Treasury Department will have a woman on the new $10 bill.

#Hashtag: Oil Spill Settlement

As BP pays historic fine, its shareholders jump for joy.

#Hashtag: Minimum Wage Movement

A quick look at recent action towards a higher minimum wage.

#Hashtag: Harry Potter pronounces adversary’s name wrong all along

[Turns out we all have been mispronouncing 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.']

Hashtag: Braxton Miller’s BIG return to football

After sitting out for almost two years due to injury, the two-time Big 10 offensive player of the year at quarterback put on a show in Blacksburg, Virginia but not with arm.

#Hashtag: UK celebrates reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Great Britain’s longest-reigining monarch

Today marks Queen Elizabeth II's 23,226 day as monarch of Great Britain, making her reign officially the longest in the U.K.'s history.

Blogger makes headlines for breaking stereotypes

The 'fat girl running' attempts to break the stereotypes surrounding those who are overweight.

#Hashtag: T-Swift vs Apple

Taylor Swift called out Apple this week for its business practices.

#Hashtag: Twilight author bends genders to defy critics

In celebration of Twilight's tenth year, author Stephanie Meyer said she will be rewriting the story with gender bent protagonists. This new story about...

#Hashtag: Killer of Cecil the Lion will not face charges

Zimbabwe officials will not pursue charges against dentist.

#Hashtag: Folks support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with No Bra Day

Tweeters celebrate and belittle NoBraDay, a day to bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Hashtag: Star Baylor quarterback out of season

Seth Russell was on pace to break the record for quarterback rating held by Russell Wilson.

#Hashtag: Jim Webb drops out of Democratic primary

One of the five remaining Democratic candidates for president is dropping out.

#Hashtag: Lindsay Lohan for president 2020?

Actress Lindsay Lohan may have just announced her campaign for president in 2020.

#Hashtag: Sesame Street introduces Julia, a child with autism

New character with autism, Julia, to join the cast of Sesame Street.

#Hashtag: Halloween A Sitcom

Twitter users muse about Halloween based TV shows.

#Hashtag: It’s Not A Holiday Until

Twitter users are sharing how they spend their holidays every year.

#Hashtag: Theatre and arts groups, worldwide, show theatre a little love

Various theatre and arts groups in the United Kingdom and worldwide recognize today as Love Theatre Day.


Twitter users celebrates women's right to decide what is best for their bodies.