#AML with Noel Schulz

The Collegian will host a live Q-and-A with the associate dean for research and graduate programs today at 1:30 p.m.

#Hashtag: Company executive faces life in prison

Peanut Corporation of America executive faces life in prison for knowingly sending tainted peanuts across the U.S.

#Hashtag: Kenyan government unable to meet demands of striking teachers

Kenya's president announced that the country's government is in no position to pay its teachers more, though some Kenyan teachers have been on strike for a about a month.

#Hashtag: House votes to defund Planned Parenthood

And why the news sounds worse than it actually is.

Blogger makes headlines for breaking stereotypes

The 'fat girl running' attempts to break the stereotypes surrounding those who are overweight.

#Hashtag: Jon Stewart lobbies Congress for 9/11 responders

The ex-Daily Show host's much-needed visit to the Hill.

Twitter encourages Coca Cola fad

Twitter creates a new emoji for #ShareaCoke

#Hashtag: Police arrest Muslim teen after teachers mistake homemade clock for bomb

Student Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for a "hoax bomb," that ended up being a clock.

The new iOS system comes out

Those on social media react to the new Apple operating system.

#AML with Ken Stafford

The Collegian hosted a live Q-and-A with K-State's chief information officer Ken Stafford Thursday.

#Hashtag: Nurses speak out after insults from hosts of “The View”

Nurses and supporters take to social media in defense of the significance of nursing as a profession, after it was seemingly insulted by hosts of "The View" in reference to a 2016 Miss America contestant's talk on her nursing career.

Facebook creates opportunity for disagreements

Facebook adding a 'dislike' button will add the opportunity for a different type of opinion.

#Hashtag: Australian Prime Minister Abbott ousted from office

Australia changes leadership yet again in this Liberal Party shakeup.

#Hashtag: Nickelodeon to start running back ’90s cartoons

Nickelodeon announces new programming block, "The Splat."

#Hashtag: Thoughts turn to zombies as Halloween approaches

Twitter users ponder what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse

Bear selfies close park

Colorado park closes because of guests close proximity to bears.

#AML with Hurtig, Tinker

The Collegian hosted the SGA president and vice president for the live, online Q-and-A Ask Me Live

#Hashtag: Alabama city council wants citywide dress code

Council members in Dadeville, Alabama may soon vote to ban clothing like saggy pants and short skirts.

Serena Williams falls short of Grand Slam dream

Serena Williams loses during the US Open.

#Hashtag: Crane collapse destroys mosque, kills worshipers in Mecca

Crane collapses on building during storm injuring and killing hundreds of people.