#Hashtag: World Series

The Kansas City Royals have won the World Series and taken the crown after 30 long years.

#Hashtag: Be brave in 4 words

Twitter users are taking advantage of the hashtag "be brave in 4 words" to say things they wouldn't normally say.

#Hashtag: It’s Not A Holiday Until

Twitter users are sharing how they spend their holidays every year.

#Hashtag: Dozens killed in Beirut bombing, ISIS claims responsibility

Dozens killed and hundreds injured in a twin bombing in Beirut.

#Hashtag: Individuals of all ages, races, genders acknowledge Anti-bullying Week

Twitter users share Anti-bully Week activities in attempt to raise awareness for bullying as an issue.

#Hashtag: Pray For The World

Friday, Nov. 13 left million around the world mourning events that ranged from terror attacks to natural disasters.

#Hashtag: Theatre and arts groups, worldwide, show theatre a little love

Various theatre and arts groups in the United Kingdom and worldwide recognize today as Love Theatre Day.

#Hashtag: Nations celebrate Author Day

Twitter users share favorite authors and recognize fellow authors on Author Day ad part of NaNoWriMo.


K-Staters took to Twitter today in reaction to the upwards of 33 mph winds on campus.


Twitter users get in touch with their inner child.


Twitter flips over the groundhog's shadow.


Twitter users use their accounts to bring awareness to cancer.

#AML with Mike Dibbini

K-State's head women's soccer coach sits down with the Collegian to answer your questions.

#AML with John Currie

K-State's athletic director John Currie joined us on Ask Me Live.

#Hashtag: Trump Card

Donald Trump's undeniable surge in the polls

#Hashtag: Whaling and Life in the Death Zone

Some good news and bad news for ecology.

#Hashtag: Oil Spill Settlement

As BP pays historic fine, its shareholders jump for joy.

#Hashtag: Iran Deal

Six countries reached a deal with Iran to help prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

#Hashtag: National Junk Food Day

Celebrating a "holiday" for unhealthy foods that we all love.

#Hashtag: Celebrities slung into Christmas carol titles and lyrics

Twitter users create Christmas carol title and lyric mashups using names of celebrities and famous figures.