#Hashtag: Biden gets emotional in late night interview

Colbert presses Biden for answers about presidential campaign, things get emotional.

#Hashtag: Fox buys National Geographic

NatGeo's big move to be "Fair and Balanced"

#Hashtag: Harry Potter pronounces adversary’s name wrong all along

[Turns out we all have been mispronouncing 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.']

#Hashtag: Cops tackle James Blake in mistaken identity case

James Blake, former tennis star, tackled and detained by cops after they mistook him for an identity thief


Discovery of new human ancestors makes headlines worldwide

#Hashtag: UK celebrates reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Great Britain’s longest-reigining monarch

Today marks Queen Elizabeth II's 23,226 day as monarch of Great Britain, making her reign officially the longest in the U.K.'s history.

Apple releases more new innovations, ideas

Apple came out with its most recent fall line up of technologies.

#Hashtag: Public Opinion Leader Andrew Kohut Dies

Longtime beacon of fact, Andrew Kohut, passed away Tuesday.

#Hashtag: Pope changes annulment requirements

In his second big announcement of the week, Pope Francis addresses marriage annulments.

#AML with Dr. Frank Tracz

The Collegian sat down with K-State Director of Bands Dr. Frank Tracz for an hour and a half-long live, online Q-and-A.

#Hashtag: International Literacy Day raises awareness of importance of literacy

Advocates of the International Literacy Day campaign, supported by the World Literacy Foundation, backed the cause through Twitter.

Hashtag: Braxton Miller’s BIG return to football

After sitting out for almost two years due to injury, the two-time Big 10 offensive player of the year at quarterback put on a show in Blacksburg, Virginia but not with arm.

Salmonella taints cucumbers, causes lawsuits

A recent outbreak of salmonella in cucumbers has caused a woman to sue after developing the disease.

#Hashtag: Spotting a weakness

Kansas City Royals players diagnosed with chickenpox as the end of the season looms closer.

#AML with Mike Dibbini

K-State's head women's soccer coach sits down with the Collegian to answer your questions.

#Hashtag: Journalists Tribute

Collective tribute of the slain journalists is moving, but too familiar.

Michael Vick to Pittsburgh

According to ESPN's, Adam Schaffter, quarterback Michael Vick met with the Pittsburgh Steelers and signed a one year contract.

Curt Schilling tweets discriminative joke, regretfully deletes it

[Curt Schilling sends out a tweet that compares extremist Muslims to Nazi's.]

#AML with Pat Bosco

Here's your chance to ask K-State Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students Pat Bosco any and all of your questions!