#Hashtag: Twitter users make conclusions based on everyday ‘statistics’

Twitter users take everyday occurrences into account as "statistics", drawing humorous conclusions about ordinary life.

#Hashtag: Volkswagen issues huge recall after cheating on standards

Big business again explicitly works against consumers.

#Hashtag: Breakthrough evidence of water found on Mars

Blood moons and Mars water - what a week for our solar system.

Royals comeback magic strikes again in Game 4 of ALDS

Kanas City strings seven runs in a row in the last two innings to bring the series back home

#Hashtag: Scare Me In 3 Words

Twitter users get into the spirit of Halloween.

#Hashtag: Twitter users make this Monday better in three words

Twitter users share thoughts on how to improve Mondays -- in three words.

#Hashtag: Columbus Day

Today is Columbus Day. This means that some kids get today off school and some people revel in the historical development of our country....

#Hashtag: Takeaways from the first Democrat debate

Together again, together again - politics and hot takes.

#Hashtag: Twitter users share words of wisdom on Education Day

Twitter users share words of wisdom in honor of Education Day.

Hashtag: Martin Shkeli’s $750 HIV medication gets $1 competition

Does the free market deliver karmic blow to Martin Shkeli?

#Hashtag: Individuals of all ages, races, genders acknowledge Anti-bullying Week

Twitter users share Anti-bully Week activities in attempt to raise awareness for bullying as an issue.

#AML with Noel Schulz

The Collegian will host a live Q-and-A with the associate dean for research and graduate programs today at 1:30 p.m.

#Hashtag: Second prison escapee shot, captured

After 23 days, police captured the second prison escapee in New York.

#Hashtag: Nickelodeon to start running back ’90s cartoons

Nickelodeon announces new programming block, "The Splat."

#Hashtag: Scott Walker drops out

The Wisconsin Governor today ended his campaign.

Two stars fall in game one of the ALDS

As of the top of the eighth inning, Texas is beating Toronto 5-3.

#Hashtag: Pope Francis secretly meets with Kim Davis

Last week on his visit to the U.S., the Pope shared support with the controversial Kentucky clerk.

New documentary sparks social media chatter

Race Riots USA has taken social media by a storm, becoming trending on Twitter.

Ruining animated movies is a form of entertainment today

#RuinanAnimatedMovie is currently trending on Twitter.