Channel 8: K-State Food Recovery Network aids families in need

The Food Recovery Network coordinates with the university and community to reduce food waste and feed families in need.

Channel 8: K-State Multicultural Student Center plans moving forward

Students and faculty gathered after the second KSUnite to discuss the new Multi-Cultural Center .

Channel 8: Newscast October 25, 2018

The Channel 8 News team brings you the stories from your community in and around Manhattan, Kansas.

Channel 8: City proposes fixes for Wildcat Creek

The City of Manhattan organized a meeting last Saturday, in hopes of coming to a conclusion on a solution for Wildcat Creek.

Channel 8: Newscast November 1, 2018

The Channel 8 News team brings you the stories from your community in and around Manhattan, Kansas.

Channel 8: Voters re-elect incumbents in 66th, 67th districts

Republican Tom Phillips and Democrat Sydney Carlin will return to the State House of Representatives.

Channel 8: Students give feedback on Hale Library renovations

Staff dedicated to renovating Hale Library asked students what they want to see in the newly renovated library. For some students, they want more spots for studying while others want more opportunities for a cup of coffee.

Channel 8: Newscast from February 21, 2019

The Channel 8 News team brings you the stories from your community in and around Manhattan, Kansas.

Channel 8: Researchers find risk of Salmonella bacteria growth in lunchboxes

Could the food you send with your child cause them to be ill?

Channel 8: Closing campus for inclement weather is a complex decision, Vice President Bontrager...

When it comes to cancelling classes at Kansas State University, Vice President Bontrager said a lot of variables must be considered.

Channel 8: Tuttle Creek Lake sits almost 40 feet above average elevation

With elevated water levels on the Missouri River creating downstream flooding conditions, manmade lakes run by the U.S Army Corp of Engineers in the river basin are seeing flood channels nearing capacity.

Channel 8: Wildcat Wellness advances importance of health for college students

College students have a lot to focus on, and with so many things to juggle, it’s important for them to stay healthy and get enough sleep.

Channel 8: The Multicultural Student Center should be done by fall 2020

The Morris Family Multicultural Student Center is in the midst of preparations with pre-construction projects underway.

Channel 8: A Manhattan yoga instructor is raising breast cancer awareness with yoga and...

Dana Knight has a friend affected by breast cancer and is trying to fundraise money for awareness in a unique way.

K-State Students Rally for DACA

The end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as DACA, hit close to home for K-State students.

Channel 8: Forever G.I. bill helping to continue higher education

New benefit could send more veterans back to college.

Channel 8: Edwards on Campus Rape Culture

Keith Edwards visited the campus on Sept. 19, 2017 to give a lecture about the severity of rape on college campuses.

Channel 8: Intramural referees are students too

The referees that officiate intramural games are students, and they learn invaluable skills on the job.

Channel 8: Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows Influencing Youth

Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows have the opportunity to mentor young kids in the Manhattan community.

Channel 8: Students concerned about K-State tuition increases

Kansas State's tuition is increasing as state funding for the university decreases.