Channel 8 News: Britt’s Farm uses their fun zone to bring community members together.

With slides, a pumpkin patch, and many other activities, Britt Farms uses the month of October to engage more with the community.

Channel 8: MHK homeless fighting the freeze can seek shelter at MESI

Services like the Flint Hills Breadbasket and the Manhattan Emergency Shelter Inc. help local homeless people stay warm and fed in the winter months.

Channel 8: Kansas State football implements ‘Pounding the Stone’ into practices and games

The football team at Kansas State takes the mantra "Pound the Stone" into practices and games through hard work and dedication.

MHK All Day: Northview residents push for participatory budgeting

A grassroots movement in Northview advocates for the needs and voice of the neighborhood.

Channel 8: Manhattan implements a new bicycle & pedestrian systems plan

The city of Manhattan has created a new Bicycle & Pedestrian Systems Plan which establishes a new vision to improve the previous Bicycle Master Plan adopted in 1998.

Channel 8: Kansas State’s policy changes for severe weather alerts

Administration at K-State changes to the severe weather policy will alert students faster.

MHK All-Day: Food insecurity in Riley County continues to be a concern

As food insecurity rates continue to rise, the community is teaming up to combat this issue.

Channel 8: RCPD captain shares tips for staying safe while walking at night

Captain Josh Kyle from the Riley County Police Department gives tips about staying safe on your walk home or to your car.

Channel 8: Faculty and students are preparing for growing KSUnite event

The third annual KSUnite will be held on Nov. 6, 2019.

Channel 8 news: Facing enrollment declines, student leadership looks at a change to the...

Declining enrollment could lead to decreases in how much organizations get from the students.

Channel 8: Newscast from Oct. 17, 2019

The Channel 8 News team brings you the stories from your community in and around Manhattan.

Channel 8: Recreation Center classes keep students fit

The K-State Recreation Center covers several types of dancing classes for students to keep fit and have fun. The hip hop class taught by Natalie May is one of the most popular classes there.

Channel 8: Volleyball is getting more popular with Manhattan-area boys

The Parks and Rec Department offers youth sports for local kids of all abilities.

Channel 8: A Manhattan yoga instructor is raising breast cancer awareness with yoga and...

Dana Knight has a friend affected by breast cancer and is trying to fundraise money for awareness in a unique way.

Channel 8: Fort Riley got the community involved with their post-wide yard sale

The semi-annual Fort Riley Yard Sale took place on October 5th and brought the community to "The Big Red One."

Channel 8: Two students on the fishing team form a special bond

Kansas State students Drew Easterday and Will Andie form an unexpected friendship bond while being on the fishing team.

Channel 8: Newscast from October 10, 2019

The Channel 8 News team brings you the stories from your community in and around Manhattan.

MHK All Day: How the trade war with China challenges Kansas farmers

Local farmers feel the financial strain of the trade war with China.

Channel 8: Cold and flu season is around the corner. Keep healthy with these...

Getting a flu shot and washing your hands are two easy ways to keep yourself healthy.

Channel 8: K-State Athletics is moving forward with $105 million project

Private donors are footing the bill for the new facilities that will benefit student athletes and football fans when complete.