Channel 8: Moms of men’s basketball players support their sons’ dreams

Head behind the scenes to see what these K-State men's basketball moms do to get their sons to this point and the support system that they have built over the years.

Channel 8: Graduating international students celebrate their K-State education

International Students were rewarded for their academic and leadership excellence at the International Graduation Ceremony.

Channel 8: K-State women’s basketball team dismisses Eternati Willock

After continued violations of team rules and standards, Willock will no longer be on the roster for K-State's women's basketball team.

Channel 8: Kansas State University’s administration and faculty salary gap

Students at K-State may be unaware of how much money their professors are making and how much more the university's administration makes.

Channel 8: Manhattan looks to fix crosswalk problems

A K-State research writer uses lessons from the past to bring about a safer way to walk around campus.

Channel 8: Recreation Center classes keep students fit

The K-State Recreation Center covers several types of dancing classes for students to keep fit and have fun. The hip hop class taught by Natalie May is one of the most popular classes there.

Channel 8: Kansas State dance instructor receives grant

Kate Digby, an assistant dance instructor at K-State, received a $15,000 grant to put on a new show.

Channel 8: Newscast November 1, 2018

The Channel 8 News team brings you the stories from your community in and around Manhattan, Kansas.

Channel 8: Newscast for November 8, 2018

The Channel 8 News team brings you the stories from your community in and around Manhattan, Kansas.

Channel 8: What does K-State’s SGA do?

Recent elections for the coming academic year have students wondering what their Student Governing Association does.

Channel 8: Newscast from May 9, 2019

The Channel 8 News team brings you the stories from your community in and around Manhattan, Kansas.

Channel 8: Kansas State celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day

Professors from around the world gathered at K-State to discuss the implications of research involving indigenous cultures in the United States.

Channel 8: One Dog doing its part in helping animals find homes

The city of Manhattan has a new organization working to help neglected and abused dogs find their forever home.

Channel 8: Here are some moped safety tips before you take your next ride

After a recent motorcycle accident in Manhattan here are a few things to keep in mind before you take your next ride.

Channel 8: K-State Cats Cupboard

K-State SGA and students come together to raise awareness for Cats' Cupboard, a way to provide food for students in need.

Channel 8: Researchers find risk of Salmonella bacteria growth in lunchboxes

Could the food you send with your child cause them to be ill?

Tricks and Healthy Treats in the ‘Ville

Families filled the streets for Trick or Treat the 'Ville last Friday to get more than sugary sweets.

Channel 8: Wildcat Creek flooding aftermath continues to impact victims

The effects of the Labor Day flood are still being felt by businesses and K-State students, months later.

Channel 8: MHK homeless fighting the freeze can seek shelter at MESI

Services like the Flint Hills Breadbasket and the Manhattan Emergency Shelter Inc. help local homeless people stay warm and fed in the winter months.

Channel 8: K-State Shuttle Service helps students

K-State's shuttle bus service has been improved since last year.