Channel 8: KSDB prepares for 70th anniversary

Look out for the coming updates to K-State's radio program, KSDB-FM 91.9.

Channel 8: Here are some moped safety tips before you take your next ride

After a recent motorcycle accident in Manhattan here are a few things to keep in mind before you take your next ride.

Channel 8: Newscast from Sept.19, 2019

The Channel 8 News team brings you the stories from your community in and around Manhattan.

Channel 8: Marching band prepares for Cactus Bowl

The Pride of Wildcat Land heads to the Cactus Bowl.

CH8: How to register to vote in future Riley County elections

Voting is extremely important, especially in local elections. It is important to get registered to vote to help out the community.

Channel 8: K-State faces controversy regarding Title IX, but provides resources

One survivor is doing what she can to bring awareness to local sexual assault.

Channel 8: Provost April Mason to leave K-State

This is Provost April Mason's last semester.

Channel 8: International food festival teaches and feeds at the same time

International students represented their home country by making their authentic dish showcasing their culture.

Channel 8: With much to report, Xavier Sneed shines on the court

After the first two games of exhibition play, senior forward Xavier Sneed is turning heads as a leader for the Wildcats.

Channel 8: Manhattan voters focused on mid-term elections

As election season approaches students at Kansas State University give their take on local representatives.

Channel 8: K-State women’s basketball team dismisses Eternati Willock

After continued violations of team rules and standards, Willock will no longer be on the roster for K-State's women's basketball team.

Channel 8: Newscast from April 11, 2019

The Channel 8 News team brings you the stories from your community in and around Manhattan, Kansas.

Channel 8: Colbert Hills celebrates 18th anniversary

Colbert Hills celebrated its 18th anniversary on May 1.

Channel 8: Moms of men’s basketball players support their sons’ dreams

Head behind the scenes to see what these K-State men's basketball moms do to get their sons to this point and the support system that they have built over the years.

Channel 8: Pot holes in city streets cause traffic hazards

After a long winter, the city streets in manhattan face some serious problems that will need to be fixed before they cause serious damage to residents cars.

Bill Snyder Family Stadium’s “sold out” games

Bill Snyder Family Stadium had another sold out game, but fans taking a look at the stands might think otherwise.

Channel 8: Holiday plans differ for international students

How do international students at K-State spend holiday breaks?

Channel 8: Newscast from May 9, 2019

The Channel 8 News team brings you the stories from your community in and around Manhattan, Kansas.

Channel 8: Free speech activist visits K-State

Free speech activist Mary Beth Tinker still preaches the merits of the First Amendment years after her history Supreme Court win.

Channel 8: A number by number look at how COVID-19 is impacting Riley County

From latest case numbers in Riley County to planned changes to statewide testing procedures, here is a number by number look at COVID-19 in Riley County.