Q&A: Tel Wittmer on background, policies, presidential run

Tel Wittmer is the chair of the On-Campus Allocations Committee for SGA.

Monday Morning Brief: March 1

In this morning’s podcast, catch an update on possible changes to university's tuition and fees structure, see why Fake Patty's Day may be no more and other stories.

Monday Morning Brief: April 19

See what the first commencement since fall 2019 will look like and hear about the latest progress on one of the university’s initiatives in its inclusion action plan.

Q&A: Maggie Billman on methods to combat personal, professional obstacles

Maggie Billman joined Kultivate to talk about her personal and professional journey to becoming a highly important member of student government at K-State.

LISTEN: Voices of a Protest

In a special Collegian podcast, hear the voices of protesters as they share their stories of racism from a Black Lives Matter gathering.

Between the Lines Podcast: Episode 4, ‘Sports amid COVID-19’

Listen to the Collegian's Cameron Bradley, Nathan Enserro and Marshall Sunner discuss how their jobs changed this year because of COVID-19.

Q&A: University spokesperson on how COVID-19 is affecting K-State

Morris joined the podcast on March 19.

Q&A: Lafene Health Center director, assistant director talk offered services, student self-care

Jim Parker and Jean DeDonder joined Kultivate to discuss seasonal affective disorder, the flu shot and more.

Q&A: University Honors Program executive on the nature of leadership

Kathryn Collins joined the podcast on Dec. 4.

Q&A: Kris Kobach discusses gubernatorial race, senate race

Read part of the podcast transcription from Collegian Kultivate's episode with Kris Kobach.

Monday Morning Brief: March 29

In this morning’s podcast, see why it might be easier for some students to attend sporting events on campus next year and get a glimpse at what the Student Governing Association has planned for the remainder of its term.

Q&A: Biosecurity Research Institute director discusses COVID-19 infections, vaccinations in progress

Stephen Higgs, director of the Biosecurity Research Institute, joined the podcast on May 11.

Monday Morning Brief: Nov. 2

This week’s Monday Morning Brief takes a deeper look at some K-State students’ battle for safe and affordable housing and unpacks the recent successes of the K-State volleyball team.

Monday Morning Brief: March 22

In this morning’s podcast, see what’s got campus and community health officials concerned about the potential for a surge in COVID-19 cases and get a look at what’s to come for the K-State football team in the 2021 season.

Q&A: Student director of Off-Campus Housing Support describes services offered

Zach Perez, student director of Off-Campus Housing Support and sophomore in journalism, talks about what he does and how he can help students.

Q&A: District 1 congressional candidate talks priorities on the campaign trail

Kali Barnett joined Kultivate shortly addressing the KSU Young Democrats.

Monday Morning Brief: Nov. 16

This week’s Monday Morning Brief takes a deeper look at Kansas State's progress toward a more inclusive campus environment and recounts the recent escalation in the local COVID-19 situation.

Mock Trial Podcasts – Week 1, 2, 3

This podcast was produced by students of the Mass Communication in Society class at K-State as part of a collaboration between the K-State School...