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10 reasons social networking benefits students

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Fake Patty’s Day as told by Riley County Police Department

The fakest holiday of the year required over 40 officers and a witty sense of humor.

4.0 K-State student drops out, says college is a scam

Billy Willson dropped out of K-State after his first semester of college not because he was adverse to learning, but because to him, college is a scam.

Students react to ‘hateful rhetoric’ from America First Students president with petition, planned protest

Dean of students Thomas Lane responded to students' concerns about junior Jaden McNeil's recent statements on Twitter.

4 things to gain from a college education

When most of us came to K-State, the first thing we were looking to acquire was some sort of professional degree. Whether it was...

K-State radiology resident dies by suicide

An internal email sent out Tuesday by the dean of the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine informed faculty, staff and students about the death of a K-State radiology resident.

KU cheerleaders come forward with hazing allegations

Two University of Kansas cheerleaders share their account of what they call a hazing incident

The top 15 tweets in wake of the K-State “Walk Chalk” basketball game at...

After no travel was called on Kansas' "Svi" Mykhailiuk's game-winning layup, the people of Twitter resorted to humor as a coping mechanism.

UPDATE: K-State Black Student Union responds to racist social media post

A Snapchat by a Kansas State student ignited a backlash and accusations of racism.

K-State faculty member has first positive case of COVID-19 in Riley County

The faculty member traveled recently to London for a spring break study abroad trip.

Band stops mid-Wabash Cannonball after ‘vulgar chant’ flares in student section

K-State game day personalities, including Frank Tracz and Bill Snyder, are stepping in to end the vulgar "F*** KU" chant.

Sexual predators use a variety of drugs to sedate victims

"I always wondered why they were called 'roofies', cause you're more likely to end up on the floor than the roof. They should call...

UPDATE: University condemns white nationalist posters, says they are “unwelcome”

The K-State community awoke Wednesday morning to several posters placed overnight on light poles and other fixtures across campus.

K-State student forced to drop classes due to Trump travel ban

Farzaneh Ziaee can't return to Manhattan, Kansas, for her physics classes because of President Trump's executive order.

Bill Snyder announces 2020 presidential candidacy

After retiring from coaching K-State football, Bill Snyder has set his eyes on his next position at the Oval Office.

“Kit Kat thief” tweet earns student 6,500 candy bars for giveaway

Hunter Jobbins, freshman in athletic training, was given 6,500 Kit Kats to give away for free on Haymaker Hall's lawn Thursday evening.

Fake Patty’s Day weekend arrest reports

Police activity during Fake Patty's Day weekend.

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