Student Senate allocates more than $18,000 in packed night of final action

Bulk of legislation allocated funds to college student councils for open houses

Student senate announces plan for a Party at the Polls, continues to plan college...

Student senate's governmental relations committee announced their official plans for a Party at the Polls and continued to plan diversity summits within each college caucus.

What exactly can K-State see from your computer? It’s complicated

K-State security analyst Josh McCune shares how to stay safe when surfing the Internet on campus.

K-State colleges struggle to find space for students across campus

K-State colleges are struggling to find enough space to hold student classes, study and research

Student senators pass legislation as term comes to end

After several tearful goodbyes during the SGA banquet, student senate members got to work, passing almost a dozen pieces of legislation before concluding the term.

Union Station by JP’s welcomes students at grand opening

JP's does it again. "It" being opening a restaurant in the Student Union.

Welcome Week events

There will be plenty to do during the first week back of the Fall semester.

Cats’ Cupboard provides students support to succeed at K-State

K-State's campus food pantry, Cats' Cupboard, helps students in need of food while decreasing stigma associated with receiving help.

Applied family science program available to graduate students

Graduate curriculum revisions for the previous family studies program provide students with opportunities to learn theory and practice research in the field.

Students learn elements of cattle production at Purebred Beef Teaching Unit

The K-State Purebred Beef Unit allows students to gain real-life experience in commercial purebred cattle production.

Gender equality in engineering on course of improvement

K-State's engineering women say there is a long way to go in achieving total gender equality in the field, but things have improved.

K-State club news: April 12

Stay informed about campus and community events with K-State club and organization news updates.

University to cancel in-person classes amid concern over COVID-19

The university will suspend all in-person classes amid mounting concerns for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transgender Day of Remembrance recognized at K-State on Tuesday

Speaker Stephanie Mott spoke about acceptance of transgender men and women in the Student Union.

Professor shares her search for meaningful vocation

Christy Craft spoke about her journey as part of the "What Matters to Me and Why?" series.

‘There’s a lot less certainty’: University officials address testing, COVID-19 policies

With less than a week until the fall semester begins, university officials addressed questions about testing, classroom procedures and other areas of concern related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on Tuesday morning during a virtual town hall with faculty.

Beer and gas prices are up, but overall student costs only saw a small...

K-State Econ Club's Student Price Index reports only marginal increases in cost of college

‘We’re still here’: Campus police still on duty with some extra precautions

Campus police take extra precautions as they work through COVID-19 pandemic.

Sihasara event gives students a taste of Sri Lankan culture

The Sri Lankan Students' Association hosted the first ever Sri Lankan Cultural Show on Sunday in the Union Courtyard.

On busy nights, intramural sports give opportunities for students to be active

Busy students can blow off steam and participate in a variety of sports at the Recreation Complex.