University begins search for student ombudsperson

This is part of the 11-step action plan implemented last summer.

Dumb Debate: Pluto makes our solar system ‘cuter’

Is Eli or Peyton Manning the better brother? On the Spot Improv weighs in.

Students rethink time management after fall semester

More time to volunteer, exercise and socialize without guilt are goals of some current K-State students.

K-State professor nominated for two Grammys

Professor Bryan Pinkall was nominated for his work with the Kansas City Chorale.

K-State Police officer retires after misconduct allegations

Officer Schrag's retirement celebration was announced a few months after an internal investigation for alleged misconduct.

Bosco welcomes back SGA senate, student cabinet

At the first Student Governing Association meeting of the year, initial training took place

Kansas suspends its use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine — here’s what that...

Kansas' decision to suspend its use of the single-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine over concerns of a rare blood-clotting disorder shouldn't impact vaccine clinics run through Lafene Health Center, director Jim Parker said.

Union Program Council hosts Canoe Battleship

K-State students participated in the Union Program Council's After Hours social event Canoe Battleship Friday evening.

The secret’s out: Life-size Willie the Wildcat sculpture in K-State Student Union

A $35,000 life-size Willie the Wildcat sculpture was revealed Wednesday afternoon in the K-State Student Union.

UPC hosts 40th screening of ‘Rocky Horror’

The K-State community dressed up and participated in a cult classic movie showing.

‘I know there’s so much more to be done’: Former SBP Jansen Penny reflects...

"Empowering you to give, to unite, to own." The Penny-Karamali campaign slogan doubled as their campaign platforms. Penny said many of their platforms were achieved over the past year. However, a year isn't always enough time to make the goals into realities.

Old Foundation building needs new name

The university seeks input on the renaming of the old Foundation building.

Intercultural Leadership Council makes mark on campus in first year

Student leaders can pool their time and effort in one council instead of spreading themselves thin.

Anti-drone protests strike Landon Lecture

Protesters at the Landon Lecture took issue with the use of drones as military weapons.

Heads up, freshmen: K-State’s 2019 KSBN common read book is officially here

It's official: the 2019 KSBN common read is "Darius the Great Is Not Okay" by Adib Khorram.

Penny predicts privilege fee increases, State Rep. Sydney Carlin speaks to senators during student...

Senators approved multiple positions in SGA after they listened to Sydney Carlin give an update on the Kansas legislature.

Taking finals after graduation poses pros, cons for seniors

Final exams loom over the heads of graduating seniors.

Veterinary care education navigates the complexities of animal behavior

For veterinarians, understanding body language and behavior is critical to providing care.

Out with the old: K-State moves into second year phase-in of modernized budget plan

It's out with the old and in with the new as K-State continues into its second year on a modernized budget plan.

SGA supports anti-discrimination addition to Principles of Community

Senate passes a resolution calling for change to university principles and an amendment to bond surplus account statutes.