Marketplace provides opportunity to learn about Fair Trade

The K-StateStudent Union was packed with shoppers browsing the Fair Trade Marketplace on Wednesday. The tables buried under brightly colored fabrics, artifacts and other...

New gun law brings change to K-State stadium security

Guests entering Bill Snyder Family Stadium and Bramlage Coliseum will see some new changes in the security measures this year.

Peaceful protests continue in Manhattan as locals rally in City Park

Several hundred locals gathered in City Park and marched around its perimeter to protest against police brutality.

Manhattan roads riddled with construction as summer improvements continue

As students head back to campus, summer road work stretches into the fall.

Rising temperatures affect pets, decrease animal appetites

The summer heat has captured headlines all over the nation; the triple-digit temperatures have caused concerns for farming, droughts and even heat poisoning. Many...

10 reasons social networking benefits students

As the character of Mark Zuckerberg popularly said in the movie "The Social Network," "People want to go online and check out their friends,...

Country Stampede’s relocation to Topeka spells revenue loss for Manhattan businesses

The Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce estimates that the city will miss out on $8 million in revenue.

Five economic concepts that everybody should know

It's a sad fact that despite being affected by economic and financial issues on a daily basis, the average person is woefully uninformed about...

UPDATE: Manhattan resident’s car vandalized with racial slurs and threats, latest in string of...

A car was found covered in racial threats and slurs Wednesday morning at Prime Place Apartments on Claflin Rd. in Manhattan.

Heifer heyday: Buhler holds third, largest-ever Kansas Cattle Drive

Buhler may be a small town, but that does not stop it from hosting big events.

Wade Davis, former pro-NFL player, shares stories about life

Wade Davis, former NFL player, shared his experiences with the intersections between race and sexual orientations.

MHK named ‘most boring’ city in Kansas

Based on county business patterns, Manhattan was decided to be the least exciting city in Kansas.

KU cheerleaders come forward with hazing allegations

Two University of Kansas cheerleaders share their account of what they call a hazing incident

A look ahead: 3 economic issues that will directly affect students in 2013

One of the main challenges college students face is having enough money to live a relatively comfortable life while still paying off student loans,...

Adopt for right the reasons, not overpopulation fix

Our world is currently full of problems that some of the brightest minds on earth have yet to solve. In situations like those, the...

5 ways to stay competitive in the global job market

In an increasingly competitive global job market, students will likely find it harder and harder to secure their dream jobs. Competitors from places like...

Search and seizure discussion

Search and seizure laws naturally attract controversy, and finding the line between law enforcement and citizens' rights is difficult. To jump-start a conversation about these...

Classic 4th of July fireworks advice from a true American

[youtube]In preparation for our nation's birthday, we might need a refresher course on what possibly might be the most exciting part of the...

Bill Snyder’s grandson, Matthew Snyder, dead at 22

Matthew Snyder, the grandson of head football coach Bill Snyder and the son of assistant head coach Sean Snyder, was found dead Wednesday, according...

Aggieville Business Association will no longer organize, promote Fake Patty’s Day

The evolution of Fake Patty's Day started in 2007 when Kansas State students were unable to celebrate Manhattan's St. Patrick's Day race and parade because of spring break.