Marketplace provides opportunity to learn about Fair Trade

The K-StateStudent Union was packed with shoppers browsing the Fair Trade Marketplace on Wednesday. The tables buried under brightly colored fabrics, artifacts and other...

Aggieville construction paused because of investor withdrawal

Developer remains optimistic despite financial setback in Aggieville building construction.

Murder conviction upheld against Former K-State professor

TOPEKA - The Kansas Supreme Court has upheld the murder conviction of former K-State professor Thomas E. Murray. Murray, 51, was convicted of first-degree murder...

“Save EMAW” goes viral

For the last 50 years, Every Man a Wildcat, or EMAW, has been a common phrase to hear around the K-State campus. But in...

Studying abroad offers flexibility

For students who feel that fast food tacos constitute as authentic Mexican food, K-State offers opportunities to experience real south of the border food,...

10 reasons social networking benefits students

As the character of Mark Zuckerberg popularly said in the movie "The Social Network," "People want to go online and check out their friends,...

Exiled professor advocates equality, democracy

By Jonas HoggKansas State Collegian Not many people know what it's like to be accused of being a subversive agent and banished from their homeland,...

Speaker challenges evolution, offers alternative view

Speaking against the common theory of evolution taught in schools, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, speaker for Creation Ministries International, spoke last night in the Student...

High fire danger: What it means and how to stay safe

High fire danger is a combination of weather conditions. Residents need to be attentive this season to keep Riley County safe.

Transfer Treshaun Ward finds his fit in Manhattan

Treshaun Ward, transfer running back from Florida State, has a chance to take over for Vaughn.

New band hall set to open this spring 

The new band hall commemorates director Frank Tracz and the K-State marching band’s years of hard work.

Stepping has roots in Africa: Roots of stepping

Many students have seen the high-energy performances of stepping, but are unaware of the rich history and African roots of the dance form. Stepping, a...

Five economic concepts that everybody should know

It's a sad fact that despite being affected by economic and financial issues on a daily basis, the average person is woefully uninformed about...

63.9% of survey respondents believe K-State responded inadequately to claims of sexual assault

The Culture of Respect Collective, a two-year effort to reduce sexual violence on campus is underway, but a 2021 sexual assault climate survey revealed that students were unaware of available resources and lack confidence in K-State's capacity to hold perpetrators of sexual assault responsible.

4 things to gain from a college education

When most of us came to K-State, the first thing we were looking to acquire was some sort of professional degree. Whether it was...

K-State student, Dr Pepper fan rewarded with life-size soda fountain

Claire Daniels, senior in communications studies, expressed her love for Dr Pepper over Twitter and was then rewarded with a 6-foot Dr Pepper soda fountain.

Aggieville coffee shop ‘Public Hall’ closes permanently

Public Hall’s owners ‘grew when they shouldn’t have grown’.

Fake Patty’s Day weekend arrest reports

Police activity during Fake Patty's Day weekend.

Fun Facts and interesting quips about Kansas State Universtiy

K-State has developed a multitude of traditions since its founding in 1863. Here are just some of the fun historic tidbits about the university....

Residents speak up about Aggieville parking charge, concerns for small businesses

City commission meeting gives students, employees, customers and business owners a chance to advocate for Aggieville small businesses.