Fang plans to use her youth, ‘inexperience’ to her advantage if elected to county...

Fanny Fang is running for the district two seat on the Riley County Commission.

As COVID-19 cases surpass 1,000, health officer urges compliance with restrictions

Since Aug. 17 — the first day of classes at Kansas State — the total number of COVID-19 cases in the county has more than doubled.

Nine outbreaks in Riley County associated with K-State

One outbreak is associated with K-State football. The team has 10 positive cases. The other eight associated with K-State are in Greek life.

Recent climb in new COVID-19 cases steeper than anticipated, health officials say

The increase is more than the county was anticipating, Vivienne Uccello, public information officer for the city of Manhattan, said, even with classes restarting on Kansas State's campus.

Health department orders O’Malley’s to close due to multiple ordinance violations

O'Malley's received the order due to violations of Local Health Order 18 which states "all individuals present within the city limits of Manhattan must comply with the local mask ordinance."

COVID-19 positivity rate is down, health officer hopes it stays that way

Most of the newer cases have been mild and were only tested because they were a close contact of another positive, not necessarily because they had symptoms, Andrew Adams, public health emergency preparedness coordinator, said.

New health order lifts gathering size restrictions, eases other restrictions

Venues of 2,000 person capacity or more are cleared to reopen under new Local Health Order No. 18.

Health officer warns businesses not in compliance of health order can be closed

Mayor Usha Reddi released pictures on her Facebook page from bars and restaurants in Aggieville on Thursday and Friday nights. Patrons at O'Malley's can be seen standing closely together and not wearing masks.

Bar, restaurant shift screenings now “strongly recommended” after vote by county commissioners

The records don't have to be made available to the Riley County Health Department. Bars or restaurants who want to voluntarily submit screenings can contact the health department.

Local downward trend in new COVID-19 cases continues

The overall trend in new cases is downward, local health officer Julie Gibbs said, a fact she attributes to community support of and compliance with health orders like the city of Manhattan mask mandate.

Here’s the list of unofficial Riley County primary election results

Here are the primary results for the county commission, state legislature, state board of education, U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

Community members question Marshall on police training, BLM at quick campaign stop

The U.S. Senate hopeful covered a variety of issues in a short time span on Saturday morning.

Proactive measures are the name of the game as new COVID-19 cases trend downward,...

Though the local situation has started to steady as new case rates trend downward, the Riley County Health Department is focusing on preventative measures in anticipation of a population surge when students return to town, local health officer Julie Gibbs said.

Latest local health order to tighten rules on bars, extend some existing limitations

The new local order continues some of the existing policies established by the previous order, including gathering size limitations, but institutes some more strict guidance for restaurants and bars.

As school start dates near, health officials advise caution, social distancing in preparation

"It's those proactive measures we can take now to prevent those consequences," Vivienne Uccello, public information officer for the city of Manhattan, said.

New cases are trending downward, but local health officer expects crisis to ‘ebb and...

Local health officer Julie Gibbs said the COVID-19 crisis will ebb and flow for the foreseeable future, especially as students at Kansas State return to town.

Downward trend in new positive COVID-19 cases forming, local health officer says

Riley County currently has 337 confirmed positives — 141 of which are considered active cases and 193 are considered recovered cases.

Graduate students assist with COVID-19 containment efforts, gain real-world experience

The student organization consists of members from the College of Veterinary Medicine and master's of public health program.

COVID-19 recoveries surpass active case numbers for the first time in ‘a long time,’...

For the first time in "a long time," COVID-19 recoveries outpace active cases in Riley County, local health officer Julie Gibbs said. There are 181 people considered recovered and 141 current cases.