New gun law brings change to K-State stadium security

Guests entering Bill Snyder Family Stadium and Bramlage Coliseum will see some new changes in the security measures this year.

‘It was a complete disaster’: Couple shares bad local renting experiences

Korrie Kennedy, senior in anthropology and medical laboratory science, and her boyfriend, Brett Moss, former Kansas State student, experienced two bad rental situations in Manhattan.

4 miles of tunnels lie below most of campus; 1908 cave-in kills man

I have heard that there are tunnels on campus. Is that true? A system of tunnels, which lies several feet under campus and extends out...

Countywide mask mandate to end Sunday, Manhattan mandate still in effect

Commissioners cited low positivity rates and a push from people living outside of Manhattan for the repeal.

Country Stampede’s relocation to Topeka spells revenue loss for Manhattan businesses

The Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce estimates that the city will miss out on $8 million in revenue.

Pulitzer winner praises American values and freedom

John F. Burns, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for his work in journalism, discussed the role America has had in the war in Iraq...

Fake IDs Common Problem In Aggieville

Squeezing yourself into a small, overcrowded bar that plays the same five Lil' Wayne songs over and over. Spending all the money in your...

Superstitions linked to feelings of helplessness, personality traits

According to a recent undergraduate research study at K-State, individuals who routinely engage in superstitious behaviors are likely to have trouble making decisions and...

Local man takes time every week to make children smile

Steve Keck, or Mr. Steve, talks about his experiences with his weekly performance, Sing-a-long with Mr. Steve.

Vanier Football Complex and North Stadium Construction

The Vanier Football Complex and North Stadium expansion will make a huge impact on the daily experience of all K-State sports fans and athletes

Students attribute poor time management skills, busy schedules to lack of sleep

Late nights at the library and cramming for finals or a big group project are a necessary evil for many college students. Coupling that...

90 years later, ‘Manhattan Hill’ prepares for accessible updates

Construction to make the scenic outlook more accessible is expected to begin in the fall.

College Republicans vote unanimously against capital punishment in Kansas

The Kansas Federation of College Republicans announced its unanimous call for a resolution to repeal Kansas’ death penalty law on Thursday, despite the generally conservative party’s traditional view on the issue.

Actor’s father a leading professor, researcher at K-State

A Google search of James Marsden reveals the actor who appeared in recent movies like "Hairspray," "Enchanted" and "27 Dresses." But add "Kansas State University"...

As Kansas nears virus peak weeks, Riley County case numbers stay steady, health officer...

There are now 20 cases of COVID-19 documented in Riley County.

Small talk proves useless, annoying

As Peter Griffin would say, "You know what really grinds my gears?"Small talk. I prefer to get to the point when I start a...

Riley County confirms positive case of COVID-19

The Kansas State professor with COVID-19 was initially reported to be in Riley County, but was later confirmed to be a resident of Pottawatomie County.


My face is like a pepperoni pizza. Pimples, zits, blackheads - they come in all shapes and sizes and seem to find their way onto my...

Dress to impress: appropriate professional attire

By Shelby Brunk and Andy Rao When it comes to making an impression at this semester's All University Career Fair, one of the most important...

’90s music, fashions shape today’s trends

The next time someone ridicules the holes in your jeans or your backwards baseball hat, blame it on the '90s. The decade most college students...