Manhattan residents comment on shooting outside Aggieville

The investigation remains ongoing.

Excessive heat warning in the Little Apple

Manhattan residents take precautions to beat the heat.

K-State reaffiliates with student organizations to foster better relationships  

Student Organizations can establish a connection with K-State to seek guidance and access university resources.

The Dusty Bookshelf announces potential closure

In the wake of construction, the future of The Dusty Bookshelf is unclear.

Woman hospitalized after shooting outside Aggieville

Details of the shooting are still developing.

BREAKING: President Linton diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer, community event

Linton said the cancer is “treatable and curable,” but will be in Kansas City for the first few months of the semester undergoing daily treatments.

SCOTUS strikes down Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan

The plan would have canceled up to $20,000 for borrowers and cost $400 billion.

Supreme Court ends affirmative action in colleges

The Supreme Court ruled against the admission practices of Harvard and the University of North Carolina.

Four more arrests made in fentanyl overdose cases

Four individuals from Manhattan were arrested on Riley County District Court warrants.

Three individuals arrested in connection to suspected fentanyl-related death

Individuals confined in Riley County Jail for distribution of a controlled substance causing death.
(Archive photo by Rachel Kamm | Collegian Media Group)

BREAKING: Arrest made in Manhattan murder investigation

A six-month long investigation into 42-year-old woman’s murder leads to an arrest.

UPDATE: RCPD investigates several suspected fentanyl-related deaths around Manhattan 

Police search for dealers responsible for selling drugs that killed eight people.

K-State Catbacker Tour comes to Dodge City

The Catbacker Tour begins its second week of visiting cities in Kansas.

Chris Culbertson named dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Culbertson served first day as dean on Sunday after 11 years of work in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Privacy, safety and ethicality: Students react to transgender bathroom legislation

Kansas Senate passes bill barring transgender people from using the restroom of their choice.
Active Shoot Training

Two inmates found dead at Riley County Jail within two weeks

In two separate occasions in April, a man and woman died in custody at the Riley County Jail and no correlation is suspected.

Ongoing complaints remain unresolved: Kedzie Hall falling apart

Students express concern about condition of Kedzie Hall.
Aggieville streets open

Aggieville streets fully open for the first time since 2018

All roads into Aggieville open as construction pauses.

Little Apple Pride celebrates with ‘Friends of Dorothy’ 

This year’s Little Apple Pride theme, “Friends of Dorothy,” celebrates the many colors of the LGBTQ+ rainbow.

Parking garages: A high-maintenance asset for Manhattan and Lawrence

Lawrence and Manhattan charge employees and residents to park in its parking garages because of high costs associated with maintaining the structures.