Stepping has roots in Africa: Roots of stepping

Many students have seen the high-energy performances of stepping, but are unaware of the rich history and African roots of the dance form. Stepping, a...

KSUPD Blotter: End of November Report

Kansas State police responded to multiple thefts over and under $1,500; criminal damage to property under $1,000; minor in possession of alcohol; domestic battery; driving while license is suspended, revoked or canceled and a hit and run accident.

Mexican artists bring culture, color to campus

Students and community members learned about Mexican art in a workshop held by the College of Education

Life as a transgender woman of color: Lourdes Ashley Hunter

Lourdes Ashley Hunter spoke about the ways state-sanctioned violence occurs in the lives of trans women of color.

Student suspect vandalizes smoke stack in protest of proposed campus tobacco ban

A student was suspected by the K-State Police Department and admitted to the Collegian in an email that they graffitied the smoke stack on campus in protest of the proposed campus tobacco ban.

“Kit Kat thief” tweet earns student 6,500 candy bars for giveaway

Hunter Jobbins, freshman in athletic training, was given 6,500 Kit Kats to give away for free on Haymaker Hall's lawn Thursday evening.

‘Period Fairy’ brings free menstrual products to campus to help students caught off guard,...

Where are the free feminine products around campus coming from, and who is the "Period Fairy" responsible? The Collegian has answers.

Kansas LGBTQ leadership conference hopes to invoke resiliency in student body

The Kansas LGBTQ leadership conference comes to Kansas State in October, providing a focus on the Kansas LGBTQ community and lived experiences.

Veteran Center changes name, expands focus

The newly named Military Affiliated Resource Center provides resources for those in the military-affiliated community, answers questions about veteran benefits and builds community.

St. Isidore’s preparing for new era with a $14 million renovation project

St. Isidore’s Catholic Student Center is constructing a new church and renovating the student center to better serve K-State students and the local Catholic community.

K-State wins HEED award for eighth year in a row, highlights progress still to...

K-State's win of the HEED award sheds light on both the efforts the university has made and the work that still needs to be done.

Student-Centered Tuition Enhancement converts student ideas into reality

The Student-Centered Tuition Enhancement proposal application is now available, allowing students' program ideas to create visible change to the university.

Bluemont Starbucks partners with Toys for Tots, free coffee for those who donate

The Starbucks located on Bluemont Avenue embraces the giving season through a partnership with Toys for Tots.

$35,000 privately-funded Willie the Wildcat sculpture frustrates some K-State students

A statue of Willie the Wildcat, paid for by outside donations to the University Excellence Fund, has stirred frustrations within the K-State student body.

Bowling balls, lanes and shoes: Wabash Cannon Bowl by the numbers

The Wabash Cannon Bowl, by the numbers.

‘What Were You Wearing?’ exhibit shares stories from sexual assault survivors

"What Were You Wearing?," an art installation hosted by CARE, is on display in the Mark A. Chapman Gallery through April 19.

New social media policy offers guidance, inclusion to students

Following the Action Plan for a More Inclusive K-State, a new social media usage plan was implemented to provide guidance for students navigating social media.

Q&A: Professor emeritus Gus van der Hoeven reflects on life in Kansas

Gus van der Hoeven, professor emeritus in landscape and environmental horticulture at K-State, published a book of vignettes about life in Kansas he originally told over the radio.

Common crimes in, around campus: What are they?

Over 160 incidents have been reported to the KSUPD since the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.

Adopt for right the reasons, not overpopulation fix

Our world is currently full of problems that some of the brightest minds on earth have yet to solve. In situations like those, the...