‘Value Them Both’ amendment rejected, primary ballot results

Alongside retaining abortion rights in Kansas’ constitution, the ballot determined Republican and Democratic candidates for the 2022 general election.

2016 Candidate Election Guide

Know the candidates before you cast your vote.

Q&A: Rep. Roger Marshall talks agriculture, education, trade, partisanship

The Collegian news staff sat down for a conversation with congressman Roger Marshall.

What’s on the ballot: Candidates and issues for Riley County voters

When fulfilling one's civic duty, it's important to be an informed voter. Here's what's on the ballot in Riley County.

Satirical presidential debate brings humor to election night

Improvisational acting has a new twist on the elections.

College Republicans voice mask mandate concerns

Students voice concerns about university mask mandates.

K-State students and faculty participate in Women’s March on Topeka

Over 3,000 Kansans joined the worldwide protest and march for women's rights in Topeka.

K-State rallies around DACA students

Several K-State officials offered resources and support for undocumented students after President Donald Trump announced the end of a protective executive policy.

As Gov. Kelly halts evictions until May, Renters Together MHK advocates for helping residents...

The organization's petition does not specify a cutoff date for the eviction moratorium, as it is uncertain how long these disruptions will last.

How to get out the vote

[A guide to participating in one of the highest civic duties in America: voting.]

Manhattan anti-inauguration event brings together Trump opposition

The Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice sponsored an event to provide a safe space after Trump's inauguration.

K-State student forced to drop classes due to Trump travel ban

Farzaneh Ziaee can't return to Manhattan, Kansas, for her physics classes because of President Trump's executive order.

‘People still want truth,’ Desert Storm colonel says of news consumers

Col. Chip Bircher is a former army information operations leader.

Horst says her vision requires incumbency on the State Board of Education

Deena Horst is running for reelection to represent the 6th district of Kansas on the State Board of Education.

Students share first-time voting experiences

This year's election provided many Kansas State students with the chance to vote in a presidential election for the first time.

Minority groups hang on to hope after presidential election

Minority groups may face extra challenges under Trump's presidency, but these groups, with the support of others, hold on to what they believe America truly stands for.

K-State students travel to D.C. for Trump’s inauguration

Several Kansas State students traveled 1,048 miles to Washington D.C. to witness Donald Trump get sworn in as the 45th president of the U.S.

K-State Governmental Relations provides update on concealed carry, state legislation

Sue Peterson, Kansas State director of governmental relations, discussed a number of bills currently in the Legislature that affect K-State.

UPDATE: Kansas House rejects campus carry debate

A Tuesday vote to debate a firearm bill might trigger a scramble to limit concealed carry on college campuses before the summer implementation.

Q&A: Secretary of State Kris Kobach talks campaign for governor, pro-life culture, the Jeep

In a brief conversation, Kobach discussed his campaign platforms, strategy and his name in the news.