K-State Governmental Relations provides update on concealed carry, state legislation

Sue Peterson, Kansas State director of governmental relations, discussed a number of bills currently in the Legislature that affect K-State.

Campus carry opponents shift strategy amid regular, unsuccessful House hearings

Having faced obstacles in committee, Kansas Democrats and moderate Republicans look at amending firearm bills on the House floor.

Kansas gubernatorial candidate visits students

Mark Hutton, candidate for the Kansas governor, met with the College Republicans at Kansas State.

Stanford professor speaks about political parties, foreign policy

Kenneth Schultz, the latest speaker for the Provost Distinguished Lecture Series, spoke about political matters.

Q&A: K-State graduate, Kansas House hopeful talks voting rights, civil liberties

Alex Van Dyke, recent Kansas State graduate in mechanical engineering, is running for the Kansas House of Representatives in the 67th district.

Nationally renowned voting advocate encourages students to participate in politics

With the midterm elections fast approaching, Carolyn Dewitt, president and executive director of Rock the Vote, encouraged students to participate in politics.

Brookings Institution president discusses media, America’s future in K-State lecture

John R. Allen, president of the Brookings Institution think tank, spoke at K-State about digital media and the future of America as part of a lecture and luncheon Thursday.

‘We have got to work together’: Bollier discusses campaign priorities during virtual tour

Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Dr. Barbara Bollier said she grew up a "moderate Republican," but found herself at odds with the Republican party through her career.

First-time voters prepare to mark their ballots in the general election

"It is my first time," Jessica Shriver, junior in communications, said. "It's honestly something that is really cool, and we are so privileged to think of it as just a right in America.”

Snyder runs for president: ‘Opportunity for the greatest turnaround in American political history’

Bill Snyder announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president.

How to get out the vote

[A guide to participating in one of the highest civic duties in America: voting.]

Transgender students, allies rally for solidarity, support on K-State campus

In a "K-State Family Call-In," the K-State Gender Collective and K-State Sexuality and Gender Alliance rallied on Bosco Student Plaza to support transgender and gender-nonconforming students.

Moran announces $6 million aid for farmers after wildfires, introduces tax exemption for ag...

Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kansas, announced the allocation of $6 million to agricultural producers who were affected by the wildfires and introduced a bill that would allow for a $5,000 income tax exemption for youth who make an income in 4-H and FFA.

UPDATE: Kansas House rejects campus carry debate

A Tuesday vote to debate a firearm bill might trigger a scramble to limit concealed carry on college campuses before the summer implementation.

Estes wins congressional seat in hard-fought election

Republicans staged last-minute efforts to elect Ron Estes after Democrat James Thompson threatened the traditionally Republican Congressional seat.

K-State rallies around DACA students

Several K-State officials offered resources and support for undocumented students after President Donald Trump announced the end of a protective executive policy.

Students, community members confront Sen. Moran on health care

Students and members of the community initiated an impromptu conversation with Sen. Moran during a surprise campus visit.

Gubernatorial candidate meets with College Republicans at K-State

Dr. Jim Barnett, practicing physician and candidate for Kansas governor, visited with students Monday.

NAFTA renegotiations may negatively affect farmers

Kansas farmers could be affected by NAFTA changes.

Teenage gubernatorial candidate visits K-State College Republicans

Dominic Scavuzzo sat down with the College Republicans to talk politics in Kansas.